We Make it Easy for US Military Car Shipping Overseas

Because of our many active duty US armed forces members needing to ship cars overseas, we can add US military car shipping services to our credit. We oftentimes ship to Europe, one of our more popular destinations among military personnel. With shipping lines departing from the US bound for stops in Germany, the UK and Belgium, we’re experts at shipping cars for the US Army and Marines.


You may be wondering which method is the best when it comes to shipping your vehicle. We have a couple methods available, depending on your individual needs and budget. We do RoRo shipping, which stands for roll on, roll off. As long as you’re only shipping one or two cars and they’re able to roll on and off the ship of their own power, this is a great option for you. Your car or motorcycle will be securely strapped down to the deck to avoid any damage for the trip over. The seas can get pretty rough, so we don’t take any chances when it comes to securing your beloved possessions.

Now, you may be thinking, how do I get my car to the port? Well, if you live close enough to one of our departure ports, you can drive your car there yourself. If you’re not so close, no problem. We can arrange for a truck transporter to visit your home, pick up your vehicle, and bring it to the port for you. This saves you lots of time in terms of missing work to drive your car to the port, plus the cost of food and lodging, not to mention the hassle of getting airfare for the way back.  From Tacoma, WA to Newark, NJ, we have convenient RoRo departure ports.

International Car Shipping Rates

Bonus for US military personnel and family members: you can ship your cars back to the USA together at the same cost, and you don’t even need a free and clear title to ship your car to Europe. Keep in mind a private person shipping a car to Europe requires this extra step where active military personnel and dependents do not. What you will need is a form of Authorization from your lender.

OK, so are there any other shipping options? Well, if you are an active duty service member with multiple cars and household items to ship, container shipping may be the better choice. Choose from shared containers, which you share with others, and full containers, which you get all to yourself. The full container option is ideal if you plan on shipping all your furniture and household items. Cargo ship departure ports for full container shipping range from Oakland, CA to Miami, FL, while cargo ship departure ports for shared container shipping include Houston, TX, Charleston, SC and more.

If you need more information on shipping a car to Europe, whether you’re in the military or not, check here or just ask below in the comments.

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