Ship Heavy Machinery to Latin America

The heavy machinery we ship to Latin America from the USA includes: Tractors, Bobcats, Crawlers, Loaders, Forklifts, Excavators, Bulldozers, and Helicopters.  Get rates to Latin America.

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Ship Heavy Machinery to Latin America

How to Ship Heavy Machinery From USA to Latin America

Need to ship heavy machinery from the USA to Latin America? Ship Overseas happens to ship heavy machinery of all kinds to Panama and Guatemala in Latin America for your convenience. Let’s kick things off with a free quote! For that, we need the Year/Make/Model, Pickup Zip Code or Departure Port, and Destination Country.

We make the process as easy as pie. In fact, our team frequently assists construction companies, manufacturers, and private agencies in shipping their heavy machinery to Latin America from the USA.

Would you like to save on import duty fees? We can (for an extra fee) professionally dismantle your machinery first so as to fit it inside the containers more easily. Shipping disassembled machinery is considered a shipment of parts rather than a fully assembled machine, so it may save you cash.

Departure and Arrival Ports

There are four departure ports from the USA to Guatemala and Panama, and they include:

  • Newark, NJ
  • Baltimore, MD
  • Houston, TX
  • Jacksonville, FL

There is one arrival port in Guatemala: Santo Tomás de Castilla. This port city is located in Izabal Department, Guatemala, within the Amatique Bay off the Gulf of Honduras. This is where your designated pick up person will get your machinery. Make sure they know to bring cash with them to pay for Tax or Duty.

There is one arrival port in Panama: Manzanillo International Terminal. This distribution center for cargo is located east of the Atlantic opening of the Panama Canal on Manzanillo Bay, Colón Province, Panama. Your designated pick up person will retrieve and sign for your equipment, paying in person for Tax or Duty at this time.

How Much Does it Cost to Ship Heavy Machinery to Latin America?

Please give us a call to get the most accurate quote possible. Due to the fact that heavy machinery doesn’t fit into typical size categories like cars do (i.e., compact, mid-sized, full-sized, small SUV, large SUV), and due to such big variations in type and weight of equipment, the price can vary considerably.

Estimated Transit Time

This will depend on the country you’re shipping to and which port your machinery sails out of. But in general, it takes between three and four weeks to ship heavy machinery to Latin America.

Documents Required to Ship Heavy Machinery to Latin America

The bill of sale is required.

Customs Broker Information

You will be assigned a Customs Clearance broker, listed on the Bill of Lading.

How Much is Import Tax?

The Customs Clearance broker will handle your import taxes; we will provide you with their information so you can contact them and find out the import tax.

Destination Handling Charge

This charge is included in the Customs Clearance broker’s fee, and they will let you know what it is when you call.

Vehicle Age Limits

No vehicle age limits are set on shipping heavy machinery from the USA to Latin America.

Shipping Method for Shipping Heavy Machinery to Latin America

The RoRo method is what we utilize in shipping heavy machinery to Latin America. Our vessels depart every week from all major U.S. seaports to Panama and Guatemala in Latin America.

RoRo Shipping (Roll On/Roll Off)

To use this parking garage-like vessel, your vehicle must be able to roll on and off the ship. The departure and arrival dates are pretty firmly set, such as in an airport. This is the most convenient, quick and cost effective method of getting construction vehicles, boats, motorcycles, motorhomes, campers, trailers, and buses overseas.

Do You Need Marine Insurance?

Technically, no but it’s a good idea to get it. Buying the insurance will protect you in the event of damage to your machinery while in transit. While rare, it does happen. If you don’t buy it, you are responsible for paying out of pocket for any damage. If you find the full 100% coverage too cost prohibitive, you can opt to cover your machinery for 50% or 75% of the equipment’s value.

We offer 1.75% of the value of the machinery for FULL coverage, theft, vandalism, total loss, damage with $500 deductible. Total Loss for 1.25% charge for the value of the machinery.

Coverage begins when the machinery is loaded onto the ship and ends when the pickup person signs for it upon arrival.

As your trusted global specialists in shipping heavy machinery to Latin America from the USA, Ship Overseas is proud to assist you throughout the process. Get a quote when you call us toll free at 888-805-4994 or 858-547-0840.

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