Ship a Car to Puerto Rico


Puerto Rico Car Transport

Need to ship a car to PR? We can pick up your car anywhere in the US and transport it to Florida or Pennsylvania. We only need 3 things from you to get you the cost of shipping your car to Puerto Rico.

  1. Year, Make, and Model of your car
  2. Pick Up ZIP Code or the Nearest Port
  3. Destination (in this case PR)

Ship Overseas, Inc. has been shipping cars to PR for 30+ years. PR doesn’t have any vehicle age limits. In other words, you can ship new cars or very old cars.

Pick Up

We can pick up a car from anywhere in USA and transport it to the shipping docks. Normal cars will be put onto an open carrier transport truck. Exotic cars like Bentley, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Etc., are put inside a closed transport truck. Remember that the transportation of your vehicle is optional. You can do it yourself, but keep in mind to calculate costs like gas, hotel, return airfare, food, etc.

Departure Shipping Ports

All shipping lines depart from

  • Jacksonville, FL
  • Eddystone, PA.

Don’t forget, as mentioned above, auto transport from your front door to one of these ports is an optional service.

Arrival at Shipping Terminal in Puerto Rico

All vehicles arrive in San Juan, PR. Whoever picks up your car shipment will need to bring valid ID and cash on hand to pay for the fees. Remember, Ship Overseas, Inc is only responsible for the transport from USA to San Juan. From there, it’s all your responsibility to pay for fees like destination fees and import/duty taxes. These fees are discussed below.

Shipping Car from PR to USA (From San Juan to USA)

Prior to shipping, the following must be presented together with the vehicle:

  1. Doc Receipt (Master Bill of Lading), Current Registration and Title of Ownership of the Vehicle;
  2. Copy of the Driver License of the owner;
  3. The owner must provide a Certificate of  “No Fines” due with $ 11.00 stamp plus $ 2.00 voucher code 842 (valid for 3 days counting the day it is done) Obras Publicas
  4. Certificate of Pressure Wash and Clean, including the motor and beneath the vehicle;
  5. Internal Revenue (Hacienda) $10, code 5122 and $ 2.00 voucher code 842 for each vehicle. (comprovante en colecturia) (COMPROBANTE for each vehicle)
  6. From the owner an original Power of Attorney by a lawyer in Puerto Rico authorizing shipment. Services to ship the vehicle. ALSO, when the owner is not present they must authorize the person who will be delivering the unit.
  7. When the unit is a company-owned vehicle, there must be a corporate letter authorizing the shipment submitted.
  8. Letter from the bank (original and notarized) authorizing the shipment, if the unit has an active loan;
  9. All vehicles have to be pre-inspected by Puerto Rico Police Stolen Department that corresponds to the customer residence. (Valid for 5 days);
  10. Original certificates of no debt with ACAA. Tel.: (787) 759-8989 (Valid for 20 days);
  11. All vehicles may have no more than 1/4 tank fuel;
  12. No personal items inside of the vehicles will be accepted. The only item allowed is the spare tire and a jack in the truck.

How Much Does It Cost to Ship a Car to Puerto Rico

Car shipping costs to Puerto Rico starts at $1257 from Jacksonville, FL

Also, car shipping costs to Puerto Rico from Eddystone, PA starts at $1463

These prices are for port-to-port shipping. The pricing will depend on the size of your vehicle, whether your car leaves from FL or PA, and whether you want us to pick up your car at your front door.

Departure & Arrival Ports, Starting Costs, & How Long Shipping Takes

From Jacksonville, FL to San Juan, PR $1257 > transit time 5-7 days* > via RoRo

From Eddystone, PA to San Juan, PR $1463 > transit time 5-7 days* > via Shared Container

We offer weekly shipments from both Jacksonville, FL and Eddystone, PA.

Any cars departing from Eddystone will be transported via a shared container. No personal belongings are allowed in the car whether it’s via RoRo or container shipping.

*Transit time is based on when the ship sets sail.

Vehicle Import Tax & Duty & Destination Handling Charge

To get the latest information on import duty, contact the Department of Hacienda. Please give the Department of Hacienda your VIN # or the year/make/model of your car and they will give you the price of import tax before you ship your car.

Department of Hacienda

Edificio Intendente Ramírez

10 Paseo Covadonga

San Juan, 00901

Tel: (787) 622-0123 (general line) or 787-721-0338 (Office of Excise Taxes, better number)

P.O. Box 9024140

San Juan, P.R. 00902-4140

For destination charges, bring between $100-$150 in cash to have someone offload and release your car. Destination charges are not included in your quote.

Shipping a Car to Puerto Rico for Military & Gov’t Contractors

US Military PCS to Puerto Rico​

Any military personnel who has a Permanent Change of Station (PCS) can use our service. We are authorized shippers for the military.

POV Transfer Requirements for Military​

Letter of Authorization from the lien holder if there are any liens
The auto must be in working condition

For more information, read about military car shipping.

Storage Fees

Once your car arrives in San Juan, PR, you will have 5 calendar days to pick up your car. Once those 5 days are over, then you’ll incur storage fees of approximately $8/day.

Optional Marine Insurance

Everyone in Puerto Rico knows that hurricane season is from June 1st and ends on November 30th. The cost of marine insurance is 1.75% of the value you wish to cover. We highly recommend purchasing marine insurance if you cannot afford to come out of pocket for repairs or loss.

You can learn more about Marine Insurance here.

Documents Required to Ship Car to Puerto Rico

  1. Copy of Title
  2. Copy of ID
  3. Letter of Authorization from lien holder if the car is not paid off

Vehicle Registration

Contact the PR DMV for information on vehicle registration.

Puerto Rico Department of Transportation and Public Works

Box 41269
Minillas Station
San Juan, PR 00940-1269
(787) 722-2929

For people in the military, talk to your Officer in Charge and he/she will handle the registration for you.  You’ll also be getting your military tags for your base.

Shipping Methods

Two Types of Shipping Methods

RoRo Shipping to San Juan, PR from Jacksonville, FL

RoRo (Roll on Roll off) are ships specifically made for vehicles and heavy machinery. Basically, someone will drive your car onto the ship instead of it being loaded into a container and lifted onto a ship. Cars and motorcycles are the most common shipments. If you need to ship a motorcycle to Puerto Rico, it will go out of Jacksonville, FL and leave on a RoRo ship. Also, if you need to ship a boat to Puerto Rico, it’ll need to depart from Jacksonville, FL.

RoRo shipping is normally cheaper compared to container shipping. If your car is shipped via RoRo, the departure and arrival dates are reliable (not so with container shipping).

Container Shipping to San Juan, PR from Eddystone, PA

All shipments between Eddystone and San Juan are via container shipping

Shared Container

With a shared container, your car will be shipped inside a container with 3 other cars. In other words, you will be sharing a container.

Nothing can be inside the trunk except for the jack and spare tire. No personal belongings can be shipped within the car or container. All cars must be in running condition.

Payment Methods

Payment needs to be made upfront, also known as pre-pay.

Credit Card & Zelle

A vast majority of people shipping cars to Puerto Rico pay via credit card or Zelle.

We don’t add any extra fees if you are paying by Zelle Pay. Basically, Zelle is bank-to-bank.

If paying by credit card, you’ll incur a 3% service fee. This fee comes out to around $40. Most people choose to not waste the $40 fee and choose Zelle.

Wire Transfer or Cashier’s Check

We also accept wire transfers. While most people in Europe, Middle East, and Africa use wire transfers to ship cars, most people from Puerto Rico do not because they have an American bank account.

Canceling Your Order

If for some rare reason you need to cancel your order, let us know by email. Normally payment is refunded via the same payment method you chose. There is a $300 cancelation fee.

Buying a Car in USA Online

There are many online car buying websites where you can buy used cars, new cars, and even salvage title cars. Puerto Rico accepts salvage title cars. If you’re going to buy a car online, buy it close to Jacksonville, FL or Eddystone, PA so you don’t have to pay a lot in transportation. In other words, buy as close as possible to the departure ports to reduce your overall shipping costs.

Here are 4 websites where you can buy cars online.


Carmax has auto dealerships all across the United States. They have fixed pricing.


Enterprise Cars Sales also has dealerships located across all USA. The cars here are also fixed pricing.


If you’re looking to buy a salvaged car online, buy on Copart. This is an auction website. Remember, if you are buying a salvaged car and want to ship it to PR, then it will need to be able to run. We will not tow and car onto the ship. It needs to be driven.


Auto Trader is a marketplace for cars. Dealerships and private sellers list their cars on Auto Trader.

Once you buy your car online, contact us to pick it up for you and send it to Puerto Rico.

Additional Information

  • Destination handling charges are $100-$150 to offload and release the vehicle at the port.
  • For Import Fee/Duty contact Dept of Hacienda at 787-721-0338
  • A clear Title of Ownership with no Liens on the Title or a Letter of Authorization from your lienholder if your car isn’t paid off.
  • If you bought a car new, then your name must be listed on the front of the Title as the registered owner.
  • If the vehicle has been sold as used, then both the Seller and Buyer have to sign the back of the Title in the spaces as detailed on the back of the Title.
  • All vehicles must have less than a ¼ tank of gas.

USA Customs Clearance

Ship Overseas, Inc. will clear US Customs for you.

Preparing Your Car for Shipment to Puerto Rico

  • Disable the alarm. Seems obvious, but to avoid making an enemy of the truck driver, be sure you disable any alarm systems your vehicle may have.
  • Don’t gas up. Your vehicle is being transported, not driven, so there’s no need to fill up prior to loading. In addition, having a full tank of gasoline makes your car heavier. Additional weight can add risk to the shipment. Leave as little fuel in the tank as possible when preparing your vehicle for transport.
  • Check for leaks. Before your car or truck gets loaded onto the truck, check the undercarriage for any noticeable leaks. If your vehicle has an aggressive leak, the car shipping company may refuse service. If you see a leak, make sure to get it repaired prior to moving day.
  • Check tire pressure. Under-inflated or over-inflated tires are just as risky in transport as they are on the road. By not having your tires properly inflated, you could be increasing the risk of damage to the tire. Tire damage is most likely to occur during loading and unloading, but if your tires are properly inflated, you won’t have a problem.
  • Remove custom accessories. To prevent the risk of a car spoiler and other special accessories breaking in transit due to their odd size, make sure to remove any custom parts or accessories before the vehicle is loaded onto the truck.
  • Lock the car. Once your vehicle is loaded onto the auto transport truck, there’s no reason for it to be opened up until it is delivered.

Who Can Pick Up The Vehicle in Puerto Rico

You can send a friend or relative to pick up the car in San Juan. Just let us know several days prior to sailing so we can update the paperwork. A picture ID, a copy of Title of Ownership, and a short 2-3 sentence NOTARIZED letter of permission to pick up the vehicle will be needed by whoever picks up your car. There is a charge by the shipping line if you notify us of any changes after your cargo has been loaded on the vessel.