Ship a Car to Nigeria


How to Ship a Car to Nigeria

Naturally, you have a lot of questions if you’re thinking about shipping a car to Nigeria. We get it: the process may seem daunting. But with our experts behind you, it’s a breeze. Ship Overseas is proud to have more than 35 years of experience in the international car shipping business, making over 50 trips per year to Nigeria. We ship primarily to the Lagos shipping port.

Whether this is your first time or 10th time shipping a car, we will keep you as informed as much as possible so you can make the best decisions. Read on for more guidance on car shipping to Nigeria and anywhere else in the world. Got more questions after reading through the information? Pick up the phone and call our friendly associates.

Your first step, though, should be to get a free estimate right here on our home page. We will need theYear/Make/Model of your car, Pickup Zip Code or Departure Port, and Destination Country (in this case Nigeria) in order to give you the most accurate pricing possible. Good luck!

How Much Does it Cost to Ship a Car to Nigeria?

  • The price to ship a car to Nigeria ranges from $970 to $1650 for sedans an regular sized SUVs.
  • Cars/Vans/Pickups older than 15 years cannot enter.
  • While we can pick up your car in the US and take it to the shipping port, you can save money by taking it yourself.

The price will vary on the type of car you have, the method of transport to the shipping port, which part of the USA you plan to ship it from, and which method you choose.

Only once we have that info from you, can we estimate costs more precisely.

Drive your car to the port yourself rather than have us pick it up from your home.

Departure Port to NigeriaApproximate Price
Ship Car from Wilmington, Delaware to Nigeria$970 – $1300
Ship Car from Newark, New Jersey to Nigeria$970 – $1650
Ship Car from Baltimore, Maryland to Nigeria$970 – $1350
Ship Car from Savannah, Georgia to Nigeria$995.00 – $1300
Ship Car from Jacksonville, Florida to Nigeria$995 – $1350
Ship Car from Galveston, TX to Nigeria$1095.00 – $1450
Ship Car from Long Beach, CA, California to Nigeria$1650 to $1850.00 (Shared container only)

Additional Information

  • No acceptance of Cars/Vans/Pick Ups older than 15 Years
  • All NEW vehicles require a FORM M obtained by the consignee in Nigeria prior to shipping.
  • A clear Title of Ownership with no Liens on the Title.
  • If you bought a car new, then your name must be listed on the front of the Title as the registered owner.
  • If the vehicle has been sold, then both the Seller and Buyer have to sign the back of the Title in the spaces as detailed on the back of the Title.
  • For safety reasons, the vehicle cannot have more than a ¼ tank of gas.
  • Visit the CIT website, to see if Nigeria requires you to file for a FERI, ECTN, BSC or an ASHI, before it enters the country.

Vehicle Import Duty For Nigeria

Our Recommended Nigeria Customs Broker


MOBILE: +234-809-2000-984
CELL: +234-1-453-8000
WHATSAPP: – 07087889372

No 1 N.P.A Commercial Complex,
Tincan Island Port
Apapa Lagos

How Duty Calculated in Nigeria

*7% Surcharge = 7% of Base Duty
*0.5% TLS ( Ecowas Levy ) = 0.5% of CIF Value
*1% CISS ( Inspection Fee ) = 1.0% of FOB Price
*5% VAT = 5% of ( CIF + Duty + Surcharge + TLS + CISS )
C = Cost (FOB Value)
I = Insurance
F = Freight

*Contact Dele Sarumi to find out the most updated rates

Contact Nigerian Customs Directly

Nigeria Customs Service Headquarters
Tel: 09 5234694

Offering weekly sailings from ports in the USA to Nigeria

Our shipping vessels depart on a weekly basis from U.S. seaports to the port of Lagos in Nigeria. The manner in which it arrives there will depend heavily on your preferences, type of car, budget and more.

With more than three decades in the business as a freight forwarder, you can rely on us to ship to the above port on a regular basis. Generally, you can choose from these two methods (but more on these later):

RoRo Shipping – RoRo ships are meant to transport wheeled cargo such as cars and motorcycles – a more affordable way to ship a car to Nigeria. This involves vehicles being driven onto the ship of their own power (sort of like a parking garage ramp).

Container Shipping – Your car, shipped inside a container with other cars to offset cost, is more cost effective if you used shared shipping;you will pay more for it to travel solo in its own container with exclusive shipping.

Ship Your Car to Lagos

Lagos is the most populous city in Nigeria as well as on the entire African continent. As one of the fastest growing cities in the world and one of the most populous urban areas, it’s no wonder Lagos is one of the largest and busiest seaports on the continent. In fact, this mega city has the fourth-highest GDP in Africa. The Lagos Port Complex is also known as the Premiere Port (Apapa Quays), the first and largest port in Nigeria. It’s located in Apapa, the commercial center of Nigeria, and was established in 1913.

Two Types of Shipping Methods

If the international car shipping world sounds foreign to you, we have you covered with this simple guide. Here are your choices regarding how to get your car to Nigeria.

RoRo Shipping (Roll On/Roll Off)

With affordability and predictability at the forefront, RoRo is short for Roll On and Roll Off. It is exactly how it sounds: your car will be driven onto and off of the ship and tied to the deck for security and minimal exposure to the ocean.

If you have a wheeled vehicle, such as a car, motorcycle, motorhome, camper, trailer, bus, construction vehicle or boat, this method is extremely efficient and cost-effective, featuring the most reliable departure and arrival dates. New car manufacturers tend to choose this method when deciding to ship their own vehicles overseas.

Container Shipping

Or, you could choose to ship your car in a shipping container. You’ll have to choose from two more options: shared or exclusive container shipping.

Shared Container Shipping

This is the most affordable option of the two, with the cost being offset over four vehicles in the same container. However, there is a disadvantage to this method: you will have to wait until the whole container is filled with other vehicles before it can beloaded onto the container ship and set sail. Therefore, your departure date cannot be guaranteed.

If you choose this method, keep in mind you could have to wait an extra week or more until the container is filled with more cars.

A big plus to this method: you can place additional items in the trunk or the backseat of your vehicle for the ride. You aren’t allowed to do this with RoRo. And also unlike RoRo, your vehicle doesn’t have to be working to use this option. As such, many of our clients who own broken down classic cars choose this method.

If you don’t care when the ship sets sail, or you have two or more vehicles to ship to Nigeria, this is a valid choice.

Exclusive Container Shipping

Exclusive container shipping will cost you more but your car is the only one in the container – great news if you have exotic, expensive or rare vehicles like Bentleys, Ferraris, Aston Martins, etc. When you want special treatment for your “baby,” shipping exclusive is the way to go.


• You can ship vehicles that do not work.
• You can include personal belongings along with your car.
• Each container holds a single vehicle.