What Import Taxes and Duties Can I Expect to Pay for my Vehicle?

When shipping a car overseas, you have to consider not only the base cost of the shipment, but also the duty fees that are incurred for importing your car to your respective country. Because international car shipping companies don’t pcontainer_transport-129x150rovide this service, it’s your responsibility, as owner of the car, to pay these taxes upon arrival of the vehicle at the destination port. You can call the Embassy in Washington, DC to find out what the duty fees are for a particular country.


So, just as an example, if you’re shipping your vehicle to France, you would contact the French Embassy in Washington, DC or the one located closest to you to get the import duty rates. Don’t know the number? Just plug in your country name followed by your local embassy name into Google. You should get all the contact information you need to call or email. You may get a quicker response by calling.

As your top choice in international car shipping companies, we can give you an estimate of what your import duties will be because we’ve been in this business nearly 26 years. However, to get the most accurate and up to date prices, you will want to get those rates from the embassy/consualate in the event of a change.
International Car Shipping Rates

In addition to the destination port, duty rates also vary by the size of the vehicle. Inquire if there are any vehicle age restrictions, as many countries, such as Australia, place restrictions on their vehicle imports.

As always, consult with Ship Overseas professionals, who can give you all costs from the United States. But when it comes to Port Authorities in other countries, we do not include these in our quote to you. You get peace of mind knowing we disclose all costs on our end and don’t surprise you with hidden fees later. Just keep in mind that once the car arrives at its destination, the duty fees and taxes at that port are out of our hands, leaving those charges to the responsibility of the person picking up the vehicle. We’ll do our best to give you a ballpark figure, though, so just get a dialog going with our professionals and we’ll be glad to help.

As always, you are welcome to check out our Better Business Bureau rating, which we are very proud of. Do you need help finding duty fees for your country? Ask below!

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