Shipping a Car to Africa from USA

When faced with the decision to ship a car overseas, such as to Nigeria, there are many factors to consider, not the least of which is the cost to get your vehicle over there. As we discussed a few days ago, import duty fees can range from destination to destination, but we always help you find the information you need. 150x112xhq.jpg.pagespeed.ic.Q9_uALjjYE

Generally, you can call the Embassy in Washington, DC to find out what the duty fees are for a particular country.

As a shipping company with almost 26 years in the business, you can rest assured we do everything to get your car where it needs to be on time and in the same condition as when you dropped it off. We are also there every step of the way to ensure logistics go smoothly and all the proper documents are provided. When you’ve made the decision to ship your car to, say, Africa, consider which countries within that continent we service.

International Car Shipping Rates

Take Algeria, for instance. Because that country’s economy has been unstable for some time now, we don’t typically ship there as much these days. However, you can go to if you need to find out the import fees and unloading fees, also called destination fees. Within the internal site, type in the name of the country and you’ll get access to the information you’re looking for.

If you’re planning on shipping to Nigeria, on the other hand, a country we frequently ship to, you should contact the Nigerian Embassy in Washington, DC for more information on duty fees and such. Or, you can contact the Nigerian Customs Department in Nigeria. Either way, you’ll get the information you require on any fees or taxes you’ll have to pay on one or more vehicles shipped there.

FYI, you’ll need a cargo tracking note (CTN) certificate, required by the Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA). Think of the CTN as a tracking number, similar to when you’re expecting a package via UPS or FedEx. This what the Nigerian government uses to keep track of statistical data for future logistical improvement and monitoring. The CTN typically runs about $90-$110, a nominal fee in the grand scheme of things.

Also, consider clearing costs, which include all documentation and duty. In Lagos, the cost is 300, 000 Naira for an auto and 700, 000 Naira for an SUV. The exchange rate is about 155 Naira to $1 US.

Before you commit, though, we at Ship Overseas are happy to give you assistance on estimating all fees that may crop up. Just remember that once the car arrives at its destination, the duty fees and taxes are up to the person picking up your vehicle. Read up on our stellar reputation at the BBB, and good luck!

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