Getting Your Car From House to Dock

If you’ve made the decision to ship your car overseas, the next logical step in your thinking may be “how do I get my car to the port?” This is a very good question, one that deserves some thorough research. First and foremost, your decision will primarily be based on your current location. 129x150xauto_transporter1-129x150.png.pagespeed.ic.i6_fZvYmt3

You can check out our many available ports to see if you live close enough to one to drive your car yourself. From Tacoma, WA to Newark, NJ, you’ll find that we have a pretty good selection of ports to choose from, depending on the type of shipping option you choose, such as container shipping vs. RoRo shipping.

You have a couple of options when it comes to delivery of your car. If you live close enough to a port to drive your vehicle there yourself, and arrange a ride home, either through a friend or via public transportation, this may be a good option for you. However, we understand many of our customers do not live close to one of our designated ports. You would have to drive the car to the destination port, taking time off work to take the trip. You’d also have to spend money on food, gas, hotel stays and airfare back. When you calculate all this extra stuff in, you might as well just save yourself the time and hassle and hire us to handle the logistics.

International Car Shipping Rates

In these cases, we can arrange for our transport trucking drivers to come get your car, strap it on the flatbed, and take it to the port for you. You never have to leave home, much less take time off work.

We can come to your front door and pick it up for you. If the street you live on is narrow, then we can have our transport truck driver meet you in a central parking lot near your house. He can strap your vehicle to the flat bed and off he goes, to the destination port. You can head home and thank yourself for saving time and money.

Whichever option you choose, just don’t opt to have a tow truck haul your car long distance. Many people drive 500 miles to drop off their car at the port and then hop on a train or plane back home. We can do it all for much less money, so be sure to run through all your options thoroughly beforehand. Just fill out our online form and we’ll suggest the most cost efficient way of doing things.

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