Choosing the Right Shipping Container

When you enlist the help of Ship Overseas to ship your vehicle to an international destination, such as Latin America, you can rest assured we’ll assist you in all areas, and that includes choosing the right shipping container size for your needs. However, here’s a basic lesson in the various type of shipping containers we offer.150x150x40-vs-40HC-container-side-by-side-150x150.jpg.pagespeed.ic.P5QVcdqkvf

No matter what you’re shipping, whether furniture, cars, antiques or home furnishings, you have a bevy of container sizes to select from: the 20ft, 40ft and 40ft HC (High Container). Before you ask, yes there is a difference in the 40ft and 40ft HC. The HC is a bit higher, which can come in useful for machinery or vehicles that are just too big by several inches to fit in a standard 40 ft container. You’ll see by the image just what the height difference is.

When you fill out our online quote form, let us know exactly what you’re shipping and the associated dimensions so we can better advise you on which container to choose. What do we typically ship for customers? Anything from consumer and capital goods to industrial supplies and materials, plus foods, feeds and beverages, as well as automotive vehicles and car parts like engines. For a brief outline, check out our container dimensions here.

International Car Shipping Rates

There are also a couple of different ways of getting your container to the dock. If you only need one or two containers filled, use one of our trusted truck drivers who can wait while the container is filled, then drive it to the designated shipping dock. If, however, you own a company with larger scale operations, choosing transport by train is probably the better option, as up to 20 containers at a time can be transported to the shipping docks by railroad.

There are just a couple of ways we can assist your business in expanding and streamlining its exports and/or imports. Read up on our reputation at the Better Business Bureau, and see why we’ve been a trusted car and container shipping company for almost 26 years.

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