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The experience was pleasant.
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excellent service
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We have a solid track record and are an Accredited Company registered with the Better Business Bureau. Click the BBB image to the left to validate our A+ Accreditation. When shipping a car from USA to another country, an owner should only work with a BBB Accredited business.


FMCWe are registered with the FMC (Federal Maritime Commission). Click the image to the left and Select "Organization Name" and type in "Ship Overseas". Here is proof of our FMC Certification (also known as a NVOCC License). Never use an international car shipping company who cannot prove they are certified with the Federal Government.

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1) RoRo Method - Roll on Roll Off

Normally when exporting a car, the RoRo Method is the most cost effective, safest and easiest. As you can see in the picture above, the car has to be able to go up the ramp (Roll on) and down the ramp (Roll off). That's right, it's not very complicated! (We like having a sense of humor here). Once your car is aboard the ship, it is secured to the deck with straps and braces. This prevents your car from moving if the ship is rocking at sea.

To the left is what a RoRo ship looks like. It's not the most beautiful ship, but it sure is the safest way to export a car. We basically roll your car on and off the ship. There is no crane or lifting of vehicles. We have weekly departures so you don't have to wait too long for your car to arrive. We will reserve your spot on the ship by issuing you a booking number.

2) Container Car Shipping

An alternative to RoRo shipping is to export cars using cargo ships. This method is also a safe way to ship car to Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia or Latin America. Car shipping to Europe, or any other continent, is a simple process. There are many more cargo ships available so they are able to sail into remote parts of the world whereas a RoRo ship cannot readily do so.

The only time there may be a drawback with container car shipping is when using a shared container. While delays in shipping are infrequent, the shipping line will not ship a container with only one car inside. You might have to wait for a couple other cars.

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