Most Affordable way to Ship multiple Cars Overseas

Welcome! Are you ready to ship your car overseas?! An important part of the car shipping process is ensuring that you have all the information you require to execute a successful overseas car shipping process. For the most part, individuals looking to ship a car for their personal use will only need to ship one vehicle or possibly two at most. Companies, luxury car collectors or classic car collectors will often need to ship multiple cars and are looking for the most cost-efficient way of doing this…which is not always the simplest plan to outline. The following tips and tricks will be extremely helpful for you to save the most money possible, while also maintaining safe transport throughout the process of shipping multiple cars.


Compile Your Car Shipping Requirements

After you have found a reputable company that appears capable of handling your business, make sure you have a detailed list of your exact car shipping needs. This will allow for quicker and easier negotiations. For example, are you shipping multiple cars from point A to point B, or will there be different pick-up locations and separate drop-off destinations? Are all the vehicles the same make and model? Or are you working with a variety of different body types, such as SUVs, trucks, and sedans? Is an open carrier transport truck adequate or will you need a closed container for your car shipping needs? All these different factors are compiled in determining a quote for the transport process. The more upfront you are with your needs, the easier it will be for your car shipping company to create a customized shipping package.


Determine If Additional Insurance is Required

All licensed and bonded transport companies are required to maintain a minimum level of insurance in order to remain in compliance. This may be perfectly adequate for shipping your cars, but in certain circumstances, you may require a higher level of insurance, depending on the value of the vehicles that requiring overseas transport. If this is the case, make sure you are factoring in the additional insurance expenses when budgeting for your overseas car shipping transport. This step will help you to avoid any unexpected surprises when it comes to overall car shipping costs. Although, it may appear that when shipping multiple cars, you are only increasing the cargo size, there are a variety of factors you must also plan for. By doing proper research and working with an overseas car shipping company that you can trust your vehicle shipping process with be easy and manageable.

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