RoRo Shipping is the most popular method for shipping heaving machinery

Hello again from the team at Ship Overseas Inc. As the landscape of international freight forwarding continues to expand Ship Overseas has expanded our suite of shipping services to include additional domestic and international shipping for over-sized machinery, heavy machinery and breakbulk shipments.


As we expand our shipping services within this specific category, we’ve found that our clients were looking for more reliable and sizable shipping options when shipping over-sized machinery and heavy machinery in the US and overseas.


RoRo Shipping has quickly become the go to shipping option when shipping these larger machinery items. Now the question is why do you think that a variety of different industries choose RoRo Shipping for their breakbulk shipments?


What do military, power, oil and gas, rail and aviation sectors have in common? Other than being global billion-dollar industries, they’re also all producers of large and outsized equipment that regularly needs shipping overseas.


RoRo Ships are the most breakbulk-capable vessels. These extraordinary shipping vessels have the capacity to ship over-sized and heavy machinery as well as equipment that can be up to 6.1 meters high,

up to 12 meters wide and up to 400 tones in total weight. Shipping breakbulk involves several logistical challenges – that is the risk of cargo damage, potential for missed connections or delay penalties to name a few. The size and functionality of these RoRo Shipping vessels reduces the risk of cargo damage.


RoRo Shipping Method is also popular for shipping heavy machinery because, it can be offered at a lower price, has an established schedule of service, the size of vessels increase quality and safety during the shipment, and the cargo is protected from the changes in climate and weather. is your go-to resource for domestic and international heavy machinery shipping. We are equipped to import and export vehicles to Europe, Africa, Latin America and The Middle East. With our 34 years of industry expertise you can trust that we deliver! Ready for an International shipping quote, visit our website and let our team serve you

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