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Greetings from the team at shipoverseas.com. We love to share interesting details regarding the destination ports we service for vehicle shipping overseas. As we currently serve more than 390 international destination ports, today, we wanted to talk about the history of Le Havre.

Le Havre is a major shipping port in northern France’s Normandy region, where the Seine River meets the English Channel. Following WWII, Le Havre’s heavily damaged city center was famously redesigned by Belgian architect Auguste Perret. Today it features many landmark examples of reinforced-concrete architecture.

Modern Le Havre remains deeply influenced by its employment and maritime traditions. Its destination port is the second largest in France The name Le Havre means “the harbor” or “the port”.

Le Havre is one of the two sub-prefectures of the Seine-Maritime department. Le Havre is also the capital of the canton and since 1974 has been the see of the diocese of Le Havre.

This amazing city along with its brilliant destination port was founded by King Francis I in 1517. It was from the end of the 18th century that Le Havre started growing and the destination port expanded via international trade.

Interesting fact: the 1970s marked the end of the golden age of ocean liners The Port 2000 project increased the container capacity to compete with ports of northern Europe, which transformed the southern districts of the city, and ocean liners returned. In 2005 UNESCO inscribed the central city of Le Havre as a World Heritage Site.

Shipping your vehicle to Le Havre, France also means you should prepare to explore some extraordinary impressionist art and amazing flowers!

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