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Welcome! As we have continued to serve our clients within the process of overseas vehicle shipping, we have found there is an important learning process involved. There are many moving parts involved when it comes to preparing for your vehicle to be shipped overseas. Out of our team’s desire to be a go-to resource within the space of overseas vehicle shipping we have prepared answers to 5 important frequently asked questions. Together, we can all become expert vehicle shippers!

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-What documents are required to ship my vehicle?


When shipping your vehicle overseas these are the documents you will need:
A. The original Certificate of Title of Ownership of the vehicle without a Lien recorded on the Title.
B. If the vehicle is used or pre-owned the existing Certificate of Title can be endorsed by the seller to the new owner. No Sales Tax is payable to the seller and proof of vehicle export will be given to the seller if it’s requested.
C. Depending on which departing port the vehicle will sail from, you may need a Bill of Sale or a Notarized Bill of Sale.
D. If you are active Military, Government or State Service and there is a Lien recorded on the vehicle, the Lien Holder needs to give permission to export your vehicle overseas. This permission must be an Original Letter from the Lien holder and presented with 3 certified copies of the Certificate of Title. You will also need to present your Military orders or a letter from the Government or State authorities and a copy of the Title Record History obtainable from the Department of Motor Vehicles in the State the vehicle is registered.
E. When a new vehicle is purchased, an Original Certificate of Origin must be obtained from the Dealership who sold you the vehicle. You’ll need this document in order to receive clearance from Customs. A Bill of Sale is also required when shipping your vehicle overseas.
F. For some departing ports located in Florida, you will need a Power of Attorney giving the clearing agents permission to clear your documents on your behalf.


-When shipping my vehicle overseas, will there be anybody to assist me when my vehicle arrives in the destination country?


Yes, you’ll have clearing agents at all destination ports to assist you with the offloading and clearance of your vehicle. Shipping lines that have their own agents assigned at the destination port that they may require you to use. If you are shipping your vehicle in an exclusive container, you may sometimes have the option of hiring your own agent to support your vehicle at the destination port.


-Do I need a driver’s license and foreign vehicle registration to drive in a foreign country?


When traveling and shipping your vehicle overseas you should get an International Driver’s License from the AAA Automobile Association in your area. Your American Driver’s License will suffice in Europe. As a tourist or temporary resident, you can drive with your American license plates in a foreign country until your registration for that year expires.


-When shipping my vehicle overseas, can anybody pick the vehicle up at the destination Port?


You can nominate any person to pick up the vehicle at the destination port. You must advise your overseas vehicle shipping team of these arrangements at least a few days prior to the sailing date, so that we can enter their name as the receiver or Consignee. They will be required to identify themselves with a picture ID as well as produce the Title of Ownership and a letter of permission to pick up your vehicle. There is a charge by the shipping line if you notify us of any changes after your vehicle has already been loaded on the shipping vessel…so plan accordingly!


-As I ship my vehicle overseas, should I remove my license plates and registration tags from my vehicle before shipping?


When your vehicle is shipped overseas in a Roll on Roll off vessel, we recommend that you remove your license plates and registration tags when dropping your vehicle off at the port or prior to the vehicle being picked up by the transportation trucking company. You can then replace these items upon picking up your vehicle at the destination port. If you are entering Europe as a tourist or non-resident, you may drive with your American license plates and registration tags until they expire. If you are not returning to the USA, after the registration tags expire, you should remove the license plates with the registration tags and mail these items back to the Department of Motor Vehicles in the State of registration.

The information shared above will absolutely support you to have a successful overseas vehicle shipping experience. If you’re interested in reviewing additional frequently asked questions, feel free to click here for a detailed list:

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