Let’s talk about the stars! Ship Overseas Inc is proud to be a 4.8 star rated International Vehicle Shipping Company!

Greetings from the team at shipoverseas.com. Lately, we’ve found that our clients have been so pleased with the process of shipping their vehicles overseas with our team that the reviews have been pouring in. We are so thrilled to announce that our Ship Overseas Inc. team is now a 4.8 star rated team. Now, you may ask yourself why blog about this?! Well, an element which has become abundantly clear is that a foundation of excellent customer service has supported our team to achieve this star review milestone.

So, today, we’d love to discuss some of the key ingredients you should look for when choosing a team to import or export your vehicle overseas.

Here’s an interesting fact…the industry of importing and exporting vehicles internationally, is all about the way at which you serve your customer. You can have the greatest shipping partnerships out there, but if you’re not offered clear cut shipping expectations and an outline of the process, you’re missing a big piece of the overseas vehicle shipping puzzle.

Here are some specific items to look for when exploring vehicle shipping companies and their customer service process:


-Knowledge around Port Agents

-Port Agents that they can recommend for your departing port

-Flexibility in vehicle shipment schedule

-Vehicle pick up and drop off services

-Variety of shipment delivery dates

-Multiple Shipping Partnerships

-Multiple Shipping Modalities

-Ability to direct you toward the shipping modality that would best serve your itinerary

-Thorough knowledge of importing and exporting taxes

-Full understanding of International Port Handling Fees

-Relationships with a variety of International Embassy Offices: The ability to offer council regarding any unique requirements a country may have when importing or exporting your vehicle.

-A process for ensuring safety for your vehicle while in transit to your destination port.

-Reliable Marine Insurance partnerships


Throughout the years that the Ship Overseas Inc. team has been serving our customers we have proudly supported more than 100,000 successful vehicle shipments. The Ship Overseas Inc. team navigates the process of shipping more than 200 vehicles each month, to more than 390 international port destinations.

Shipoverseas.com is your go-to resource for international vehicle shipping. We are equipped to import and export cars to Europe, Africa, Latin America and The Middle East. With our 34 years of industry expertise you can trust that we deliver! Ready for an International car shipping quote, visit our website and let our team serve you https://www.shipoverseas.com/

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