Let’s Get Shipping! Helpful information when shipping a vehicle in a Ro Ro Ship, Shared Container or Exclusive Containers!

Greetings from the team at shipoverseas.com. Lately we’ve found that our clients have been highly interested in understanding the vehicle shipping process and how it shifts with different vehicle shipping methods. Today, we wanted to offer insight into how to import or export your vehicle with ease by walking you through our process.

Here’s the first step…after reserving international vehicle shipping services with us, you will receive instructions for delivery which will include delivery for your Title of Ownership, and a dock receipt which will grant you entry into the departing vehicle shipping port. The dock receipt will indicate the name of the shipping vessel and the sailing days as well as, a booking number. That booking number will serve as a reference for the port as to your vehicle’s final shipping destination.

Next comes transporting your car in the port. At most of the ports you will be required to contact a Port Escort who charges a fee to take your vehicle into the port. That Port Escort fee can vary from $75.00 to $125.00, depending on your departing port. You will receive a signed or stamped dock receipt back from the Escort as proof that the Escort is in possession of your vehicle. Keep this proof of possession in case you need to show that acceptance at the port…you may then go home and make your payment for the shipping as indicated in the Invoice which was sent to you. When using a Shared or Exclusive Container shipping method a Port Escort will not be necessary.

When your vehicle arrives at its port destination the Ship Overseas Inc. team supplies agents who will be responsible for off-loading your vehicle. This agent will also be responsible for keeping the vehicle safe until your arrival to collect your vehicle. For the services that your port Agent will provide there are fees associated. These costs are known as the Terminal Handling Fee. Sometimes these agents can perform a function to legalize your vehicle for release and driving on the roads in a foreign country. For this they also charge a fee. If these agents do not perform this function you will have to employ the services of a Customs Clearance Broker who will do the receiving legalization for you. Each Country has their own regulations and taxes which is information that the customs broker will provide you. Once your clearance has been obtained, which can take 1-4 days to clear depending on the country, you will be free to drive away provided you can show Insurance to drive within that foreign country. Our team can provide Insurance agents for you to contact before shipping and sometimes Insurance can be purchased at the port of destination.

Please note Tourists do not pay Import Taxes only Terminal handling fees, but certain countries do charge a ” Holding Tax” for tourists until the time that they ship their vehicle back to their country of origin. There are ways to avoid this as our agents will explain, when required.

Clients who are returning citizens usually don’t have to pay Import Taxes. Clients who purchase vehicles in USA for the purposes of export, will pay Import Taxes according to their country’s regulations. It is always advisable to employ a Customs Broker to assist you at end destination.

Shipoverseas.com is your resource for international vehicle shipping. We are equipped to import and export cars to Europe, Africa, Latin America and The Middle East. With our 34 years of industry expertise you can trust that we deliver! Ready for an International car shipping quote, visit our website and let our team serve you https://www.shipoverseas.com/

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