Car Shipping Secrets to Costa Rica

Many Americans buy a property in Costa Rica for retirement. In addition, many people in surrounding countries have cars imported to Costa Rica and drive it back to their respective country. Having a car shipped over there is no problem, but the tough part is all the regulations which must be followed. “Long Term” American tourist have it a little easier. We have had many customers who were American “tourists” in the past who have settled in Costa Rica use the following method. Once every three months the person must leave Costa Rica and re-enter the country and get their passport stamped. There is more information here regarding this secret on shipping a car to Costa Rica. There are many shipping ports a person can ship from. The maps feature to your right are the locations where we can ship your car to in Costa Rica. If you are moving to Costa Rica and taking all your belongings, use a container ship! You can put your car and furniture inside. Once your car gets there, follow go to another country and get your “stamp” when re-entering Costa Rica.

For people living in Nicaragua or Panama, sometimes they never pay taxes on the car. People in Mexico do this all the time, but you didn’t hear this from me! Of course a person should never get caught doing this. Latin America has a very different culture when it comes to paying taxes. But to be on the safe side, pay the import tax for the country you are shipping the car to.

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