Shipping a Motorcycle Overseas

The overall process of shipping a motorcycle overseas is very much like the process of shipping a car. International motorcycle shipping costs a lot less than shipping a car because it takes up less room. Shipping Harley Davidsons overseas is very popular. The image below is practically all Harleys. All motorcycles are secured in place. We typically don’t ship them via containers. Most likely it will be on a RoRo Ship whereby we have a forklift pick up the motorcycle. If you look at the picture, you can see there is a steel plate underneath the motorcycle. Shipping a Motorcycle Overseas

Australia, Germany and France seem to be the countries we do the most motorcycle shipping to. If you need a quote, feel free to get a quote from us at the top right hand corner of this page.

You’ll need to have clear title and the motorcycle must be able to operate on its own.  Most countries, with the exception of Australia, don’t have regulations for importing motorcycles or off road vehicles. Many US military personnel have their motorcycles shipped to Germany.

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