Tough Car Shipping Restrictions to Australia

Many people ask us to ship a new car to Australia. The AU government does not allow any cars younger than 25 years to be imported. In addition, motorcycles must be 20 years or younger. Many countries believe they are protecting the best interest of their people by implementing laws like this. We don’t know why the AU government would do something like that, but if it’s anything like Latin America, then there “arrangements” put in place to protect the seller. This affects consumers because it leads to a lack of competition and the dealerships in AU are the ones left in power. This is fine is the AU culture supports it, but we have many people contact us wanting to ship a 5 year old car. The Google Map to your right shows all the arrival ports we ship to throughout AU. Nearly all shipments are classic cars and motorcycles. One a side note, boats don’t fall into the same restrictions of having to be 25 years old. We have shipped new boats to AU without a problem.
If you want to see if you are eligible to import a car or motorcycle, visit the Australian Government Department of Infrastructure and Transport.
You can find out more about how to ship a car to AU here.
Do you have any thoughts as to why the AU government puts these restrictions on their own people? We would love to hear your opinion.

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