Duty Import Tax on Vehicles for your Country

Oftentimes customers want us to charge them the duty fees for importing their car to their respective country. International car shipping companies do not provide this service. It is the responsibility of the owner to pay taxes once the car arrives to the destination country. One way to find out if the duty fees of a particular country is to call the Embassy in Washington, DC.

For Example:

A person wants to ship a car from the US to Germany. To get the import duty rates, they would contact the German Embassy located in Washington, DC or the closest one to them. In most cases all the person has to do is Google their country’s name followed by “Embassy Washington, DC” (without quotes). The 1st result in Google is http://www.germany.info.  Sometimes it is best to call the consulate.

While many international car shipping companies will have an approximation of these import duties, it is best to get concrete rates from the embassy because these rates often change. It is also important to know the duty rates will vary depending on the size of the vehicle. While you are on the phone, ask your embassy if there age any vehicle age restrictions. Many countries around the world have placed restrictions on their vehicle imports such as Australia whereby a person can only import a car 20-25 years or older.

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