Are you planning a trip to Europe? If the UK is on your bucket list, you are in for a treat – this article is going to present some of the most picturesque and exciting places to visit!

We’ve picked out places all over the UK, so before you take out a map and start planning your trip, you should think about one thing – how to transport your car from US to UK. If you are set on exploring parts of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland during your stay, you will be doing quite a lot of traveling. Why rent a car when you can have your car shipped overseas for you to use it on your trip?

Before you make any decisions, delve into the must-see places in the United Kingdom!


Tower Bridge London - Transport Car US to UK
The capital of the United Kingdom, London is one of the most captivating cities in the world. Its rich history, cultural landmarks, and bustling atmosphere are the main reasons why countless tourists flood the city every year – many of whom would like it to become their permanent residence.

London has so much to offer in terms of sightseeing. You can start at the famous Tower Bridge, located nearby the historic Tower of London, where one of the guards (popularly known as ‘’Beefeaters’’) will give you a guided tour. With a bit of luck, you will see the Tower Bridge open to let larger ships pass.

As you make your way along the Thames, you can visit the replica of the Globe – Shakespeare’s theatre from the 16th century – and even enjoy watching a play in the open! The Houses of Parliament, home to the most famous clock in the world – Big Ben, are within walking distance, as well as the Buckingham Palace, where you can witness the Changing of the Guard.
Other must-see sites include the Trafalgar Square, Westminster Abbey, Regent’s Park and a tourist favorite – Madame Tussauds!

Stonehenge and Medieval Salisbury

Stonehenge - Transport Car US to UK
This breathtaking monument is believed to have been a place of worship in ancient times, around 4,500 years ago. It still stands as a testament to the ingenuity of man and is one of the most visited sites in the world. It’s also the oldest World Heritage Sites. Visits to Stonehenge should be planned well in advance, so you don’t miss out on the opportunity to hear all about how it was built and other details of its long history.

While at Stonehenge, use the opportunity to visit Medieval Salisbury, home to one of the oldest and most well-known cathedrals in the UK. Students of history would be delighted to know that the cathedral houses a priceless historical item – the Magna Carta charter.


Windsor Castle - Transport Car US to UK
Windsor is another charming town with historic significance. It‘s home to UK’s most famous castle – Windsor Castle. This spectacular building serves as a summer residence for the royal family, and has served that purpose for a thousand years! Windsor Castle is also the largest inhabited castle in the world. If you want to take some fantastic photos, you should know that the castle offers splendid panoramic views.

Cambridge and Oxford

Trinity Street Cambridge
Two renowned universities – Cambridge and Oxford – are among the things almost everyone knows about the UK. The universities have been competing with one another for the title of the most prestigious university in the UK for centuries.

The university towns of both Oxford and Cambridge are very popular tourist destinations. There you can visit some of the oldest colleges in the world, some of which were built as early as the 13th century. In Cambridge, tourists are especially fond of taking a punt along the River Cam or exploring the old town center. In Oxford, the Carfax Tower draws the most visitors because of the breathtaking view it offers.


Peny Lane Street Liverpool
Liverpool is best known for being the home of the Beatles – a rock’n’roll sensation that has changed the music industry and the world forever. Numerous attractions include the Cavern Club, a place where the ‘’Fab Four’’ first performed, as well as The Beatles Story.

Tourists fall in love with Liverpool for its many parks and gardens, and especially world-class art galleries like the Walker Art Gallery and the Tate Gallery.

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