Do I Really Need Marine Insurance?


In short, it’s a very wise idea. Here at Ship Overseas, we offer FULL Cover Marine Insurance against loss or damage from the time your vehicle is loaded onto the vessel for shipment at a rate of 1.75% of the value you wish to insure it for. The deductible is $500. This will cease to be in effect once you accept delivery of the vehicle at the destination.


Your vehicle will not be insured while waiting to be loaded at the shipping line terminals. Your current insurance will have to kick in to cover you against any loss or damage until your vehicle has been loaded onto the vessel.


Max Liability

Our maximum liability per shipment is $500, in accordance with the COGSA (Carriage of Goods at Sea Act). We highly recommend all shipments be insured for transit cargo insurance (marine insurance) on a first dollar basis for losses incurred in transit.

Recent Purchases

If you have recently purchased a vehicle and do not yet have insurance, let us know and we can grant you an extension from the time the vehicle reaches the shipping line terminal.

When you pick up the vehicle from a home or a dealership, please note the vehicle is automatically covered against loss ONLY – NOT against dents or damage while in transit. Any damage occurring in this way would be covered by your insurance company. You would have to submit a claim to them on your own.

Shipment Types

If you opt for Roll on Roll off shipments, no goods are permitted in the vehicles – only the vehicle is insured.

If you opt for shared or exclusive container shipments, you may pack personal goods in the vehicle and in the container but please note, those goods are not insurable against damage, and will be insured against total loss only. The vehicle is insured for damage and/or total loss and is NOT insured against damage caused by goods that you have packed inside the vehicle.

If you want your personal goods to be covered, you need to provide an itemized packing list of everything packed in each box, with a total count of the boxes and their associated value. You should also include the last six digits of the VIN, attaching the itemized list to the original title. You must present and sign for the title at the terminal when the goods are delivered.

With exclusive containers that are loaded by the customer, marine insurance only covers total loss. Total loss coverage kicks in when a container is lost or mishandled and the goods in the container are too heavily damaged – so much so that they cannot be recovered or repaired.

Call us at Ship Overseas to learn more about marine insurance and why you need it at 858-547-0840.



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