Important information when preparing to Ship your car from The USA to the UK

Welcome to all those learning about Over the past 34 years Ship Overseas Inc. has been dedicated to leading the industry in overseas vehicle shipping. Since it’s our consistent goal to provide top quality overseas vehicle shipping results, we have certainly become an industry resource for our clients. We have created a multitude of partnerships within a variety of desirable countries. Today, we want to walk you through the most important information you’ll need when shipping your vehicle to the UK. Each country presents specific elements when it comes to navigating the overseas vehicle shipping process. When working with Ship Overseas Inc. to ship your vehicle to the UK we are here to help make this process as simple as possible. Yes, let’s take the time to explore the elements that you’ll need to be properly prepared!


Shipping Method: to ship your car from the USA to the UK Weekly

When it comes to shipping a car from the USA to the UK, shipping method is important.

We suggest the RoRo method as the best option if your plan is to ship one vehicle from the USA to the UK. This is a fantastic solution because your car can simply be driven up and down the ramp of the RoRo Shipping vessels without any mechanical help. However, keep in mind that when utilizing the RoRo shipping method, absolutely no items can be transported within the vehicle, except for spare tire and jack. If your plan is to ship 2 or more vehicles to the UK, our team would suggest sending via container shipping methods. When navigating shipment of multiple vehicles overseas the container shipment will be less expensive. Unlike the RoRo Shipping method, when working with a container ship you can send a maximum of 150 pounds of personal belongings inside the vehicle.

Our shipping vessels depart on a weekly basis from U.S. seaports to the UK. This means when working with Ship Overseas Inc. you can ship your car from the USA to the UK on a weekly basis. We offer several auto shipping methods and additional services, to meet all your auto shipping needs to the United Kingdom. Find out more about shipping methods provided by Ship Overseas Inc.

Destination Cities: locations to ship from the USA to the UK:

Ship Overseas Inc. has destination ports for shipping your vehicle overseas to the UK in Liverpool and Southampton.

Vehicle Documents: What will you need to ship a car from the USA to the UK?

In order to legally ship a vehicle from the USA to the UK you will need to present the Original Clear Title of Ownership.

How can I ship a car from the USA to the UK if it’s on a finance?

If there is an existing Lien on your vehicle, you can only ship it overseas if you are in the U.S. military. Private persons cannot ship a vehicle with an existing lien. If you are in the military, here are the elements that you’ll need to navigate shipping your vehicle from the USA to the UK. You’ll require an Original Notarized Lien Authorization letter + 3 Notarized Copies of the Title’s front and back or an Electronic Title with a copy of your military orders and a Dock Receipt will be required.

Remaining Important info when shipping your car overseas to the UK:

If the vehicle you intend to ship overseas is a newly purchased car, here’s what will be required, your name must be listed on the front of the Title as the registered owner. If this vehicle has been recently sold, then both the Seller and Buyer must sign the back of the Title in the spaces as detailed on the back of the Title. For safety reasons, when shipping a vehicle from the USA to the UK the car cannot have more than a ¼ tank of gas. This is an important element to mitigate the vehicles total weight as well as the potential of any challenges during shipping

Happy that you could join our team as we share important details to support the process of shipping your vehicle overseas to the UK. is proud to be your resource for international car shipping to the UK. With our 34 years of industry expertise you can trust that we deliver! Ready for an International car shipping quote, visit our website and let our team serve you


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