The Key Ingredients for Success When Shipping your Vehicle to Germany

Welcome to all those learning about As a company that specializes in international vehicle shipping, we have geared our sole focus on supporting our clients to successfully navigate their journey of shipping their vehicle overseas. Over the past 34 years within the overseas vehicle shipping industry we have created a multitude of partnerships within a variety of desirable countries. Today, we want to walk you through the key ingredients to successfully shipping your vehicle to Germany.


Each country presents its own set of circumstances when navigating overseas vehicle shipping. When shipping your vehicle to Germany, here are some things to consider.


  • How often does your overseas shipping provider travel to Germany?

Ship Overseas Inc. offers weekly sailings from ports in the USA to Germany. Since we can offer weekly sailings to our Germany port it allows for our team to better negotiate overseas shipping rates for your vehicle to Germany. Having a weekly schedule of departure times which means less delays for your vehicle to depart and arrive at its destination port.


  • What is the best shipping method to incorporate when shipping your vehicle to Germany?

The simplest way to navigate shipping your car to Germany is by implementing the RoRo Shipping method. This is where your vehicle can be rolled on and off a RoRo Shipping Vessel. However, you should only consider the RoRo Shipping method if you’re planning to ship a single vehicle to Germany. When looking to ship multiple vehicles to Germany there are other shipping methods available. You can view a full list of vehicle shipping methods at our website


  • What essentials are included in the rates for shipping your vehicle to Germany?

With Ship Overseas Inc. when you invest in shipping your vehicle to Germany, you’ll find that our shipping rate includes your AES port filing fees, as well as the express mail fee to return your vehicle documents. Having these two elements included in your overall shipping rates will prove to offer an ease in your overseas vehicle shipping experience.


  • Is your International Vehicle Shipping Provider Licensed?

This is a very important element to identifying a trusted shipping provider when shipping your vehicle to Germany. Ship Overseas Inc. is a licensed NVOCC shipper Lic. # 019334, and only specializes in international vehicle shipping.


  • Does shipping volume offset the overseas vehicle shipping rates to Germany?

Here’s the scoop. Since our team at Ship Overseas Inc. ships 1000s of vehicles to Germany, that affords us the opportunity to negotiate with shipping lines. Ultimately our track record of successful vehicle shipments to Germany will allow us to provide volume discounts directly to you.


  • How are taxes applied when shipping your vehicle to Germany?

Here are some important tax elements to consider when shipping your vehicle to Germany. Shipping your car to Germany as a private person, knowing that your ultimate destination is another country, you will be charged 30% tax on the value of the vehicle. This is refundable once you register your car in the destination country. If you are a German citizen, you will pay 10% customs taxes + 19% VAT. This will not apply if you can show residence out of Germany for more than one year. German citizenship can also affect taxable options when importing a vehicle to Germany.


Our team is certainly here to support when it comes to walking you through the details of import and export taxation.


Thank you for joining us while we share some important information about the process for shipping your vehicle overseas to Germany. is your resource for international car shipping to Germany. With our 34 years of industry expertise you can trust that we deliver! Ready for an International car shipping quote, visit our website and let our team serve you


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