Edinburgh Castle - Ship my car from USA to UK

Must-Visit Destinations in the UK (Part 2)

Our last post presented some of the most captivating places to see while in the UK. After giving you an overview of famous places in England, let’s continue our virtual tour around the United Kingdom!

You may be asking ‘’and what if I want to ship my car from USA to UK instead of renting a car?’’ – and indeed, more and more people choose to explore the UK in their own car, rather than rely on public transport or rented vehicles. Proud owners of classic cars often choose to take their precious classic with them. Luckily, shipping your car to the UK has never been easier with reliable companies like Ship Overseas.

But, before you start making definitive plans, check out these beautiful destinations and see which ones you would like to visit the most!


Edinburgh Castle - Ship my car from USA to UK
This wonderful city is the capital of Scotland and also one of the most visited cities in the UK. It boasts the magnificent Edinburgh Castle, dating back to the 13th century. Here you can witness the One O’Clock Salute and also see the famous Stone of Destiny, which found its way back to Scotland after spending 700 years in England.

Edinburgh is universally loved for its historic sites such as the Old Town’s Royal Mile, as well as its bustling streets lined with cafes and restaurants. Princess Street is especially popular as a shopping and dining zone. Other highlights include the Palace of Holyroodhouse, the Royal Botanical Garden and the National Gallery of Scotland.

Loch Ness

Urquhart Castle Loch Ness Scotland
You might have heard about the legend of a Loch Ness monster. Although the legends and myths have long been debunked, the lake (‘’loch’’ in Scottish) and the surrounding area are on most travelers’ must-see list. If you want to learn about how the myth came to be, you can visit the Loch Ness Centre and Exhibition.

The area boasts the majestic ruins of Urquhart Castle, one of the oldest and largest forts in Scotland, dating back to the 14th century. The castle complements the awe-inspiring scenery of the area.


Sunset on Cornish Cliffs
Cornwall’s trademark is the stunning coastline of 300 miles of dunes and cliffs you’ve probably seen in movies. The area boasts instances of genuine marine art: stepping-stone cliffs, rock pools, and remote beaches. In addition to taking some of the most amazing pictures, you can do something even more amazing – swim with seals and even with sharks (don’t worry, they are said to be harmless in this area).
Although England doesn’t really strike people as a surfing destination, surfers actually come to Cornwall’s north coast beaches to try out the waves.
Artists are especially drawn to Cornwall because of the rugged beauty of the moorland, the strikingly large skies and the cerulean blue of the sea.


The charming capital of Wales exemplifies a bit of everything that this UK constituent has to offer. Not surprisingly, it’s home to a castle – Cardiff Castle. Parts of this historic building date back to 1090 and much of it was restored in the 19th century.

Cardiff’s highlights also include the old Victorian shopping arcades, most notably The Hayes, and Cardiff Bay. This area is renowned for its many restaurants, cafes and shops, especially because most of them occupy the former warehouses of the Mermaid Quay. If you are a fan of Doctor Who, you’ll love the Doctor Who Experience also located in Cardiff Bay.

Lake District

Lake District - Ship my car from USA to UK
The Lake District is best described with only two words: pristine countryside. The Lake District National Park boasts 12 largest lakes in the UK and its scenery is sure to take your breath away. Hiking is a popular way to explore the Lake District and lose yourself in the patchwork of lakes, valleys, woodlands and fells.

This area is what we would call ‘’the great outdoors’’, with grand views and also unpredictable weather. After all – it’s England! Still, the rain showers and magnificent clouds only highlight the grandeur of the scenery.


This all-season city is a real melting pot of different cultures and subcultures. With dingy flea markets and offbeat designer clothes shops on the one hand and family-friendly parks and cafes on the other, Brighton has got something for everyone.

This loveable city has an eccentric streak which manages to attract people of all generations. Even though it may be packed with tourists in the summer, Brighton is not touristy. The locals keep the city vibrant and positively quirky.

How do I ship my car from USA to UK and explore the sites in my own car?

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