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How to Ship a Car from US to Panama

If you’re planning a trip to Panama for an extended period of time, whether on business or for pleasure, you’ll probably want to have your car with you. In addition to your emotional attachment to the vehicle (which is perfectly understandable), the perks that come with driving your own car in a foreign country are unquestionable.

It is not only the most convenient means of transportation, but also the most reasonable option. You can commute and/or explore the country without wasting hefty sums of money on rental cars. If that is the case, you’ll need to ship your car from USA to Panama. But if you’re new to car shipping, there’ are several things to be mindful of before choosing your car shipping company. Rely on Ship Overseas to look out for you and let you know what things to look out for.

Get Your Ducks in a Row with RoRo

RoRo or the roll on/roll off shipping method means that your car will be driven onto a ship that is specially designed for the transportation of vehicles. Think of it as a floating parking lot, but one where your car is secured in its assigned spot.

This method of shipping is reliable for many reasons – your car will safely reach its destination without a scratch and you’ll know exactly when it’s going to leave the US port and arrive in Panama without any delays. It is also economical in comparison to container shipping, and that’s fantastic news because RoRo is actually the only available method for shipping a vehicle from USA to Panama.

However – and trust us on this one – you’ll definitely want to get marine insurance, just to be safe. This is a sub-type of cargo insurance which protects you against any damage or loss during transit, namely, during the period of time that your car spends on the RoRo ship between the two ports.

Ship Overseas can provide you with full cover insurance for your car. If your vehicle was bought recently and is therefore uninsured, we can obtain an insurance extension. That way you won’t have to worry about your car’s safety while it’s waiting to be loaded onto the ship.

Let’s Talk Money

Firstly, all cars being shipped from USA must be paid for in full or else they cannot leave the country. Also, you must be the actual owner of the car to be able to import it into Panama.

As for the shipment costs, as well as the import taxes and other charges by Panama authorities, they depend mainly on the size and value of the car. Retirees, however, are exempt from import duty.

Choosing to drive your car to the port and pick it up in Panama will save you some money, but if the distance is unreasonable, a transport truck is a better option.

Ship a car from the US to Panama with Ship Overseas

Ship Overseas is a reputable international shipping company with over 30 years of experience. We know the ins and outs of the international shipping industry so you can rely on us to find you a car dealership you can trust if you wish to purchase a car in the US, as well as to provide you with an exceptional shipping service to Panama. Call us today for a free shipping quote!



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