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How to Buy a Car in the US and Ship it to the UK

Here in the US, you can find a vast selection of cars, from brand new to classic cars. No wonder it’s common to buy a car in the US and ship it overseas. If you are looking for assistance with your car purchase, look no further! Here at Ship Overseas, we’ve been connecting our clients with reliable dealers for 3 decades, in addition to providing international car shipping services.

Perhaps you’ve been feeling tempted by the alluring offers for new cars and fantastic deals for used or classic cars in the US, but figured that transporting the car overseas would be too much of a hassle. With Ship Overseas, you need not worry. We can ship your newly bought car from the US to the UK for your maximum convenience. Here’s a helpful list of questions you might have for us.

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Do a background check and consult the experts

There are lots of options to choose from, from classic cars and used cars that can be found on Craigslist to brand new ones straight from the dealership. The effort on your part can be minimal as you can do a full background check online from the comfort of your home before making up your mind.

Some skepticism on your part is understandable. However, our team can offer advice about reliable car dealerships and assist you in your purchase.

Vexed by car shipping red tape and fine print?

The good news is that the only document you require for shipping your car from the US to the UK is your original vehicle ownership title. Also, your car mustn’t have a lien on it. Still, you might be concerned about the additional costs.

In addition to VAT of 17.5 % (unless you’re importing your car for up to 6 months), there’s the import taxes. These depend on the vehicle type, so you should call the UK embassy in the US to find out which tax requirements apply to you. You should do this before you buy a car in the US to see if you could import it to the UK as you originally planned.

Finally, the actual shipping costs will be reduced if you want to personally transport your vehicle to and from the port instead of having it picked up and delivered to your address. Still, if you are unable to transport the car to and from the port yourself, contact Ship Overseas to arrange the transportation on time.

Know your shipping options

The biggest concern when shipping a car is how to prevent it from getting damaged during transport. There are two main methods for car shipment – container shipping or the roll-on/roll-off method (popularly known as RoRo).

If you are shipping only one car you bought in the US, RoRo may be your best option. No items are allowed in the vehicle and off-loading the vehicle in the UK destination port will cost you about 125 pounds. Bear in mind that the car must be in driving condition, which might not be the case with classic or used cars.

If you have more than one car, you might go for container shipping. Not only does it cut the shipping costs, but you can feel completely confident that your cars will reach their UK destination unscathed. It also allows you to send up to 150 pounds of items inside the vehicle.

Need advice on how to buy a car in the US and ship it to the UK?

Ship Overseas has been offering reliable international shipping services for over 30 years. We can connect you with trustworthy car dealerships if you wish to buy a car in the US, and also provide outstanding shipping services to the UK. Call us today for a free shipping quote!


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