Roro Ship in Port: Import Car in Belgium

Import Car in Belgium: Overview of RoRo Customs Procedures in Europe

If you wish to import your car in Belgium via RoRo shipping, the most affordable shipping method, you should get thoroughly familiar with customs procedures and requirements in various ports in Europe.

Depending on how long you are planning to stay and what the nature of your stay will be, there are different regulations and requirements for importing vehicles from USA to Belgium.

Let’s take a look at them below.

NOTE: The requirements presented apply to Antwerp port, Belgium, but also to other arrival ports in Europe.

RoRo Customs Procedures for Tourists

As a tourist, you will be allowed to drive throughout Europe for no more than 6 months on the following conditions:

  • you have either American or Canadian license plates;
  • you have a valid European insurance. Bear in mind that Europe has to be explicitly stated as the insured country.

To pass the Customs and import your car to Europe, you’ll require the following:

  • the original of your car title on your personal name;
  • valid passport that is on the same name as that on the title;
  • green card insurance;
  • license plate.

NOTE: We advise you to bring your license plate with you when traveling to Europe. Don’t leave it attached to your car while it’s shipped because it might accidentally fall off and get lost. As a result, you will not fulfill the Customs requirements.

RoRo Customs Procedures for Diplomats

Your diplomatic organization/authority should provide you with the customs document 136F, which ought to be pre-stamped by Belgian Customs in Brussels.

In addition to the form 136F, you’ll have to present the following:

  • original car title;
  • purchase invoice or bill;
  • passport.

RoRo Customs Procedures for the Military

Your organization (for example, the U.S. army) should provide you with the customs form 302. You will have to fill out the document and present it at the Customs.

Additionally, you’ll have to bring the following documents:

  • original title;
  • form 302 which you have previously filled out;
  • passport.

RoRo Customs Procedures for those Moving to Belgium

You can import your car into Belgium tax and duty free on two conditions:

  • you car should be older than 6 months and also owned by you for at least 6 months;
  • your file is acknowledged as a removal by the Antwerp port customs.

In addition, you should bring these documents:

– original car title;

– purchase bill;

– passport;

– registration form issued by the community, town or city in Belgium where you are registered;

– proof of your residence in the USA (your resident card, the copy of your driver’s license, etc.).

Import Car in Belgium or other European countries

The RoRo customs requirements outlined in this article are concerned with shipping and importing cars into Belgium and other European countries. If you need a reliable partner to ship your motor vehicle from the USA, Ship Overseas is fully equipped to provide outstanding RoRo shipping services. We can also arrange for the transport of your vehicle to the departure port if you are unable to drive it yourself. Bear in mind that the car has to be in running condition to be shipped via RoRo.

Upon request, Ship Overseas can assist you with various customs procedures. Give us a call at 1 858-547-0840 today and request a quote for shipping cars from the USA to Europe.

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