Ship Your Car to Guatemala and Take a Road Trip Back to USA

Interested in exploring the tourist attractions in Guatemala with your family in your own car? Americans can do it now!

Ship your car to Guatemala via Ship Overseas from anywhere in the USA. You can get a free quote by providing these details: 1) Location of your car; 2) Make, Model, Year of manufacture; and 3) Destination in Guatemala. The company will pick up your car if it’s some distance away from the nearest departure shipping port. If you’re close to any of the pick-up port in the USA, you can drive the car to the port yourself.

Consider the Extra Costs

Although they aren’t steep, there’re taxes and fees you’ll incur when you ship your car to Guatemala. The insurance and freight of your vehicle will be reasonable. You can go to the port in Guatemala and pick up your car. Explore the tourist attractions with your family in your own car using the nation’s revamped road system. Guatemala’s government has invested heavily in road construction.

Good Roads Permit Easy Access

Most of the routes have sufficient lighting, traffic signs, and paved shoulders. Driving at night is safe because reflectors have been fitted on all major highways. Livestock and unlit vehicles continue to pose a danger though.

You can reach the key places of tourist interest in the nation by car. For a trip without any unforeseen surprise, keep a good road map handy. De Guate provides useful information about estimated distances and travel times. Police checks are frequent! Other than your valid driver’s license, an additional international document would be useful to keep the overenthusiastic Guatemalan police at bay.

The traffic rules are identical to the ones prevailing in the USA. Since Guatemalans are disciplined drivers, accidents are rare.

Top Tourist Attractions in Guatemala

There are countless tourist attractions in Guatemala. I have detailed a few of them here:

Attraction #1: Tikal

Tikal, located in northern Guatemala, is acclaimed for its beauty and historic wonders. This ancient city’s name translates as “Place of Tongues” or “Place of Voices.” Once a bustling city, this ancient metropolis has been reduced to beautiful Mayan ruins. Tikal is surrounded by a huge wildlife preserve, replete with macaws, deer, parrots, monkeys, and other incredible specimens. For an extensive exploration of this natural gem, you’ll need two days.

Attraction #2: Chichicastenango Market

Popularly labeled as “ChiChi, ” this is the number one shopping attraction of Guatemala. ChiChi, located southwest of Guatemala City, is perhaps the liveliest native market in the entire Americas. You can buy local fabrics, masks, wood-craft masterpieces, textiles, clothing, fireworks, and pottery here. The city hosts feasts, fiestas, and festivals that tourists throng to.

Attraction #3: Lago de Atitlan

Lake Atitlan, located in the Guatemalan highlands, is a stunning exhibition of remarkable splendor. This lake is the gateway to the city of Pananajachel. In turn, this city is the gateway to the indigenous world of the Mayans. It’s a fantastic place, with innumerable tourist attractions, such as opportunities for scuba diving, exploration, and learning Spanish.

Attraction #4: Santa Catalina Arch

Antigua, an ancient Guatemalan capital, was decimated by an earthquake in 1773. The city is acclaimed for its Spanish architecture replete with cathedrals, hermitages, universities, and palaces. Antigua is a true jewel in Guatemala. Carpets of flowers, parades, and floats line the streets of this city during the Holy Week. The view is absolutely breath-taking.

Attraction #5: Volcan Pacaya

Volcan Pacaya, located in the vicinity of Antigua, last erupted in May 2010. Although there are hiking opportunities and trails open to the public, they’re suitable only for the fittest. You’ll need one day, at least, to climb Volcan Pacaya and savor the magnificent view it affords.

Attraction #6: Flores

Flores, located in Lake Peten Itza, is connected to land via a causeway. The twin towns San Benito and Santa Elena lie on the other side of the causeway. Here, the last independent Mayan ruler fought valiantly against the Spanish conquerors. This island’s proximity to Tikal makes it a compelling tourist spot. This island city is replete with colonial, narrow cobblestone streets, red-roofed buildings, numerous restaurants and hotels, and a historic church.

Attraction #7: Monterrico

Monterrico, located on Pacific coastal Guatemala, is renowned for volcanic beaches, delightful black sand, and lack of crowds. If you’re seeking a genuine “escape” from reality, Monterrico is perfect. Nevertheless, the rough Pacific current and tides imply that only the most experienced swimmers can venture into the ocean. If you’re passionate about conservation of wildlife, you can participate in saving sea turtles during the appropriate season and facilitate the release of very young sea turtles into the comfort of the ocean.


Other than the attractions mentioned here, you can visit Livingston, Parque Central Quetzaltenango, and El Mirador. Visiting the remote El Mirador involves a grueling, unforgettable 5-day trek through dense jungle filled with unrelenting mosquitoes, ticks, and ants. Guatemala is unquestionably a nation you’d like to explore with your family in your own car. On your return trip, you can drive through Mexico.

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