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Tommy Z - 02 Aug 2013
Service was prompt. Communication was always on time by e-mail and phone calls. My vehicle (**** Jeep) left and arrived as scheduled. At the arrival port in Guatemala there was some confusion with papers between the ship captain and the port government. I made a phone call to Ship Overseas. With in 5 minutes the confusion was corrected and the jeep was offloaded.. Hows that for quick service!!! My friends here could not believe I was driving my jeep from the port the day after arrival.
Destination Country - Guatemala
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USA Departure Ports & Guatemala Arrival Ports

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RoRo Car Shipping to Guatemala

Port Everglades in Florida is the biggest port that services Guatemala. Many RoRo (Roll on Roll off) & container ships depart from there. If you are only shipping one car, most likely we will send it by RoRo since it'll be cheaper. By default, we always send the least expensive way to ship whether RoRo or Container.

When using the RoRo shipping method, you cannot have any possessions inside the vehicle except for the spare tire and jack. In addition, only 1/4 tank of gas is allowed for safety purposes.

If your car is shipped to Guatemala via RoRo, it must run well enough to be driven up and down the ramp of the RoRo ship. If it can't then it'll have to go by container. Once your car is on the ship, it'll be blacked and braced to the deck of the ship. If you are shipping two or more cars, then sometimes the better option is container shipping.

Container Car Shipping to Guatemala

Normally we will load your shipment in a container when you are shipping 2 or more cars. Other times when a container must be used is if the vehicle is not operating. Most car shipments to Guatemala, Panama and neighboring countries will be in a "shared" container. Your container will be shared with other cars.

The only possible drawback of using a container to ship a car is when the only car in the container is yours. Generally the shipping line will not send a partially filled container. This can lead to a shipping delay of about 1 week. Other than a time delay, there are no other drawbacks.

A great advantage of using containers, unlike RoRo, is you can ship up to 150 pounds of personal items inside the vehicle. If shipping items inside the car, there must be an itemized list with the corresponding values of each item.

Vehicle Import Duty

Over the last few years, import taxes have changed a few times. It is important for people the know about import taxes for Guatemala so they can pay once the car is delivered. If you are in USA, call the Guatemala Embassy to find out import duty

Guatemala Embassy in Washington
2220 R St NW
Washington, DC 20008
(202) 745-4953

If you are in Guatemala, contact the Aduana de Guatemala .

Vehicle Import Duty Example

1. Find the value of your vehicle using this website:
2. Find you car and add $880 to your "Average Trade in Value"t. You need to pay this fee..
3. Multiply this number by current $ to Q Exchage rate (approx: Q8.00). This amount is the base value you will pay taxes on.
4. Calculate your tax.

* Pickup Truck Base Value x 23.20% = Tax Payment
* Microbus Base Value x 28.80%= Tax Payment
* Automobile Base Value x 34.40%= Tax Payment
* SUV 4x4 Base Value x 28.80%= Tax Payment
* SUV 4x2 Base Value x 34.40%= Tax Payment

5. The amount you calculate is the tax you will pay to import your vehicle into Guatemala.
6. To this amount add Q500 which is the cost of the paperwork (Tramite) to import your car. You will pay this amount to your customs broker.

As an example:
1998 Dodge Caravan NADA Average Trade in value = $1600
$1600 + $880 = $2480
$2480 x Q8.00 = Q19840 is the base value
Q19840 x 28.80% = Q5713.92 this is the import tax
Q5713.92 + Q500 = Q6213.92 Total amount including paperwork at the border.


  • There are no vehicle age restrictions so it is very common for these people to buy well looked after cars at cheap prices and ship them to their families.
  • NO liens can be on the TITLE. It must be a clean TITLE.
  • Additional Information

    Many people also ship their cars to Guatemala and drive it to one of the surrounding countries. If you are doing this, find out what the vehicle import duty is for that particular country.

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