Shipping Motorcycles from USA

motorcycle shipping via roroSo you want to ship a motorcycle from USA to another country? As an international motorcycle shipping company, we find that many people ship bikes to Europe and the Middle East. In this post we will share how to reduce costs of shipping motorcycles overseas and how the process goes. As with most of our posts, we use an example. For this post, we will use two examples.

Many people have no idea what goes into the costs of shipping motorcycles. Some in Europe buy a motorcycle over the internet, but it’s far from the departure shipping port. While picking up a motorcycle is very easy for us, it’s an additional cost to the customer. We want our customers to save as much money as possible so that one day they can come back and use our services again.

Example 1
Harry Potter wants to ship a motorcycle to UK. He is thinking of purchasing a Harley Davidson over the internet, but he has a limited budget.

Harry finds that the cheapest ports to ship out of is Newark, NJ. He is in Liverpool which is where the shipping line will arrive. Harry decides to purchase a bike around Newark and have the dealership drop it off at the terminal. Once Harry has made payment for his motorcycle, he contacts Ship Overseas to handle the exportation. Ship Overseas gets the Title of the motorcycle which is needed for US Customs Clearance, Bill of Sale and other paperwork. Once the Ship Overseas team has prepared the documents for US Customs, the dealership will have someone take the bike to the port in Newark, NJ and hand over the paperwork that was prepared by Ship Overseas.
The motorcycle is then put onto a RoRo ship where it is Rolled On and Rolled Off (RoRo).

toto motorcycle shipping
Example 2
Muhammad is much like Harry, but wants to ship a motorcycle to UAE from USA. For Muhammad the best place to buy a motorcycle would be Baltimore, MD. The shipping line has a route that goes from Baltimore to Jebel Ali which is right where he will pick it up. Just like Harry, all the paperwork is handled by Ship Overseas once the bike is purchased. The bike is dropped off at the port in Baltimore and arrives in Jebel Ali a several weeks later.

In both examples these people are both overseas buying motorcycles over the internet. The process is even easier if you already have the motorcycle and are shipping it to a relative. If the sender of the motorcycle is far from the departure shipping port, then one of the truck drivers can come and pick it up and take it to the port.

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Stay tuned for our next blog topic title “Where and When to buy motorcycles in USA”.

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