Shipping a Motorcycle to UK from USA

With so many years of shipping to the United Kingdom – more than 26 in fact – we can boast high-quality services in regards to shipping motorcycles overseas. Many people ship Harley Davidsons to UK while and US military personnel ship ninjas. We handle shipping for all brands of motorcycles. Ship Overseas, Inc can pick up your motorcycle and take it to the terminal for you, if your motorcycle is located far from the departure shipping ports in the United States. This optional offering saves you money that you would otherwise spend on gas, hotel, food, vacation days, and loss of pay. You have two shipping methods to choose from: 1) RoRo or 2) Container (see below for details). Upon your motorcycle’s arrival to the UK, you or the designated person on the Bill of Lading can retrieve it. As part of our service offering, we send you the appropriate documents and handle all the export compliance procedures for you. This includes handling matters with US Customs clearance. Because our company is streamlined and efficient, we make your motorcycle shipping experience pleasant.

Important: When it comes to shipping a motorcycle to UK, our competitors cannot compete with our value pricing, due to our solid, long-lasting relationship with the US military. US military personnel ship a large volume of vehicles on a regular basis, allowing anyone shipping a motorcycle to UK to benefit from our low pricing.

1) RoRo (Roll-On Roll-Off) Motorcycle Shipping to UK

Shipping Motorcycle to UK via RoRo

RoRo Motorcycle Shipping

You can use RoRo shipping if you’re only intending to ship one motorcycle to the UK. The one condition with this method is that the motorcycle must be able to “Roll On and Roll Off” (RoRo) the ship without any mechanical assistance. Once on the ship, it is secured to the deck with straps and braces, as shown on the image to your right. We do this to lessen the movement that the ship undoubtedly experiences while at sea, which could cause shifting. In the picture, you’ll see we’re shipping Harleys to the UK. In an effort to protect the motorcycles further, we lock the tires into a metal protector and supply plenty of space between motorcycles. While the RoRo shipping method is ideal for shipping one motorcycle to the UK, if you need to ship multiple motorcycles at once, consider the container shipping method.

This is what we ship:

Motorcycles ATVs
Dirt Bikes Trikes
Mopeds Other Off-Road Vehicles

Container Motorcycle Shipping to UK2) Container Motorcycle Shipping to UK

This is the preferred method for dealerships shipping motorcycles to the UK, as many motorcycles can safely fit into one container. Because of this convenient aspect, the price per square foot is reduced; thus, decreasing shipping costs. Many times, several customers who are shipping their motorcycles to the same country share a container to cut down on cost. To save on shipping costs, we group all motorcycles shipping to the UK together into a few containers. Shipping a motorcycle to UK via container is just as safe as RoRo, and by default, we will give you our lowest price between the RoRo and Container shipping methods.

Marine Insurance for RoRo or Container Shipping

We strongly recommend purchasing the optional marine insurance to protect your motorcycle from loss or damage, even though this is rare. Since any ocean vessel WILL rock while out to sea, you may want to protect your investment when shipping a motorcycle to the UK. Don’t worry about cost, as it’s inexpensive to cover motorcycles. The cost of coverage is dependent on the stated value of your motorcycle.

If you reached this page and you only need motorcycle shipping rates within the US, visit AA Motorcycles.

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While there are a couple other methods of shipping motorcycles to UK, only use RoRo or Container. ONLY use a solid company that specializes in shipping motorcycles from USA to UK. Do not use a company who has limited experience shipping to the UK. Ship Overseas is an industry leader. Even other motorcycle shipping companies use to ship their customers’ bikes.

Why choose us over the competition?

BBB Accredited

We have a solid track record and are an Accredited Company registered with the Better Business Bureau.
Click the BBB image to the left to validate our A+ Accreditation. When shipping a motorcycle to the UK, an owner should only work with a BBB Accredited business.


FMCWe are registered with the FMC (Federal Maritime Commission). Click the image to the left and Select “Organization Name” and type in “Ship Overseas”. Here is proof of our FMC Certification (also known as a NVOCC License). Never use an motorcycle shipping company who cannot prove they are certified with the Federal Government.



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