When in a foreign country- Where in USA must the vehicle be purchased.

buy a car onlineFinding the best city to buy a car over the internet is a difficult problem to solve. Naturally, it is best to choose a city closest to the ports where the vehicle is going to be shipped. The reason being is usually the vehicles have to be trucked by either the auto dealership or the freight forwarder to the departure port. The further away it is, the more the truck charges will be. Another factor is whether the vehicle is on a popular trucking route or is it out of the way making it more difficult for the truck to get to the origin.

So imagine the truck below going through the mountains uphill carrying a load of cars. It’s going to be more expensive. 100 miles of flat land compared to 100 miles of curves doesn’t cost the same.
Open Transport Truck

It is good to know that the ports are situated all over the coastal areas of USA, but not all the ports service the same destinations. The best situation is to place your request for shipping online and state the Zip Code or Postal code of where the vehicle is and we will forward you a quote listing the Ocean Freight charge and also the truck charge. The truck charge will have the cost from where the car is located to the departure shipping port.

As with many of our blog posts, we use an example. Harry Potter lives in England and wants to buy a 1965 Ford Mustang over the internet. He wants to ship a car to England from USA. He is in Liverpool, England. The best place for Harry to buy that 1965 Ford Mustang would be in Baltimore, MD or in Newark, NJ. This would save a lot of money because the dealership can drop it off for him at the departure port.

Harry can afford to buy the car wherever he wants, but wants to save money. So he buys in Newark, NJ because the selection is better in that area. The dealer doesn’t want to take the car to the port, so we send our truck driver to pick it up. Transporting a truck for 30 miles is much cheaper than transporting it at 400 miles.

If you have any question as to what city to buy your car in, ask in the comments below. You can also submit a quote and one of the sales reps will contact you with pricing to ship a car from anywhere in USA to your country.

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