Shipping Construction Vehicles via Container or RoRo.

humpy-dumptyRORO vs CONTAINER??? Which is better???

Once there was an egg call Humpty Dumpty who, as the nursery rhyme says, sat on a wall and then fell off and broke into hundreds of pieces… and no one could put him back together again….

heavy machinery shipping

That’s sort of the problem with dismantling a large piece of construction equipment and putting it into a container. If you have the ability to put it back together again, it’s a great idea and a money saver. If not, then RORO is the way to go.

If you are shipping to a port that can not provide RORO service, like Hanoi, Vietnam, and you can put the equipment back together, then containerization is the answer.

Keep in mind that a significant consideration with containerization is when you have to use more than one container for your cargo. The extra cost will generally offset any significant savings over RORO.

This is a RoRo ship:

All you need to do is ROLL ON ROLL OFF (RoRo) your construction vehicle onto the ship. It stays in one piece. There is no dismantling as there normally is with container.

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