Can I get a quote for my Caterpillar from the middle of USA to Lagos?

ship heavy machinery to Lagos

Certainly we can provide a quote, but you better be prepared to pay a small fortune $$$$$$, for trucking it to the east coast!

We get so many requests everyday to ship High & Heavy construction equipment like road graders, excavators, wheel loaders and backhoes to West Africa, and so many potential customers become so disappointed to find out that their “GREAT DEAL” from out west, is no deal at all, by the time they have to pay to truck it to an east coast port.

The reality is that if you purchase your equipment from sellers that are close to Port Newark New Jersey, Baltimore Maryland, Savannah Georgia, or Jacksonville Florida you will pay far less than shipping it from Houston or Galveston Texas and FAR, FAR less than from the west coast. It’s the trucking that kills the deal.  Sorry west coast sellers, but that is just the way it is….

Try finding equipment around those ports to save money on the trucking costs.  Those are the ports that service West Africa, most economically.

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