Lowering Auto Shipping Quotes in the USA

Getting a low auto shipping quote can be done if a person knows what to look for. In this article, we will look at surefire ways to reduce costs of shipping a car in the United States. One way to beat nearly all auto shipping quotes is to drive the car yourself. If the related costs of food, hotel, gas, time, possible return airfare, and mileage are more than the cost of having a professional auto shipping company, find a reliable company.

Normally there are two shipping methods used when shipping a car. The differences between these two methods are big. Aside from air transport and hiring a private driver, the two main auto shipping methods are 1) Open Transport Truck and 2) Closed Transport Truck.

Using an open transport truck will greatly reduce auto shipping quotes for many reasons. They open transport truck can pack on about 9 vehicles at any time. This helps to split the fuel costs when shipping a car across just a few states. In addition, most of the open transport truck operators specifically work on shipping cars and nothing else. They have their own routes that can cover many states and even go into Canada. Auto manufacturers and dealerships use this type of shipping method because it the cost per car is much lower compared to the next car shipping method.

The closed auto transport truck (sometimes called enclosed transport truck) is not as commonly used as open transport trucks. Typically this is much more expensive, but for the people who use it, the cost outweighs the benefits. Once a car is put onto the ramp and goes inside the transport truck, the car is free of nature’s elements. The types of vehicles that are normally shipped in this are luxury, exotic, classic, and race cars.

In addition to using knowing the associated costs of open and closed transport trucking services, another cost can be cut up front if a person knows what type of auto shipping company they are dealing with. Auto shipping quotes can be easily found on the internet, but many of these companies are lead generation companies that don’t have a real auto shipping operation. They can easily be spotted in the search results stating they will get you 8 quotes from different companies who are fighting over your business. A real car shipping company will give one quote and one low rate. Also it is normally better to work with a n auto shipping company with large operations because they can cuts costs for you by using coordinating the routes and transferring a vehicle from one truck to the other. It is very similar to an airline where there is a transfer. Also like airline, the last minute buyer normally have to pay the highest price, so another way to cut car shipping cost is to take care of it about 1 month in advance.

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