Shipping Cars to the Middle East

Here at Ship Overseas, Inc we have many people who request quotes to ship a car from the US to the Middle East. There are two forms of shipping cars to the Middle East. One is by RoRo ship while the other is by Container Ship. The countries we ship cars to the most are Saudi Arabia, UAE and Qatar.

The two shipping methods can be used for different purposes. If a person is only shipping a car, then most likely a RoRo ship will be cheaper. The car must simply be able to Roll On Roll Off (RoRo) the ship. The container shipping method is great if items in addition to the car are being sent, like household goods and/or boxes. With this method, boxes can go inside the trunk while in RoRo there can be nothing in the car.We have many departure ports in America. Below are the arrive ports.

Arrival Ports – Shipping Car to Saudi Arabia
Jeddah on the West Coast Dammam on the East Coast (mainly for Riyadh)


Arrival Ports – Shipping Car to UAE from USA
Jebel Ali, UAE

One thing we do for our customers in the Middle East is to pick up their car and take it to the departure port. We have many people who purchase cars over the internet on sites like eBay Motors. All the customer needs to do is fill out all the paper work so we can take care of customs clearance.

Shipping Cars to the Middle East2Shipping Cars to the Middle East

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