Expanding Ship Overseas, Inc into Container Shipping

Oh yeah! The long awaited advent of the container shipping department is coming to fruition. We are expanding our global network to include shipping containers of product. We currently ship cars in containers so this isn’t something new. International container shipping will be done using the same shipping lines. However we are now helping people ship commodities and products to countries worldwide.

Most of our shipment originate from the United States and go to other countries, that is, we export containers.  In the future we will begin importing containers from other countries to the United States. Perhaps one day (when our system is set up), we will ship from countries that don’t even involve the ships coming to the United States.


We hope that this area of international shipping is very successful. The barriers to entry seem so high that competition is fierce. Wish us luck because we are a tiny company stepping into the monster world of big players.  Even on a bad economy we are expanding so hopefully this is a good sign.

container-ship-loading-on-truckAs always we will start small and grow. Since we have a lot of experience shipping cars on RoRo ships and in containers, we really doubt we will have any problems. As always, if you are curious as to how much it costs to ship a container overseas, fill out the “Get a free quote” button at the top of the website.

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