Hurricane Irene in East Coast and Car Shipping

If you have a car that is being shipped and a hurricane hits as it has in the East Coast, most likely you don’t have to worry especially if you bought marine insurance.  Most of our shipping lines dock inside a harbor so the waves rock the ship. In the case of a hurricane, the wind normally pushes the ship up against the pier. normally there is protection between the ship and the pier. If your car is on a RoRo ship, then it’s highly unlikely your car will be affected; of course this depends on the size of the storm. If your car is leaving the United States on a container ship, then there may be a little more risk, but like the RoRo ship the container ship will be pushed up next to the pier.
The aftermath of Hurricane Irene had nearly no effect on any of our shipping lines! No reports have come to our office from the ships stating any substantial mishaps.

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