3 Common Myths About International Auto Transport, Debunked

Moving anywhere is certainly a hassle. Even if it’s down the street. But moving overseas adds a whole other layer to the stress, with a host of new challenges. The biggest one is deciding how you will get your car there, whether you’re moving to Europe or South America. Auto transport services are frequently used for domestic car shipping, but you’ll need to partner with an overseas car shipper like Ship Overseas when you’re faced with international transport. Before you decide on a car transporter company, check out these myths you should be aware of.



  • MYTH: Door to Door Services Are Rare


Not so. Door to door services are actually quite common. This is when the car shipping company picks up your vehicle from your front door and delivers it to where it needs to go – usually the closest port. This isn’t always the right service for you, though. You may want to bring it yourself to the closest port to save some money. Or, the company may recommend that you bring your car to their location and have it shipped to their sister location in the destination where you’re relocating to. This adds an extra layer of security for your vehicle, no matter where you’re planning to go.



  • MYTH: You Can Travel With Your Car On the Ship


Nope. You cannot travel with your car on the ship. Car transport ships are not cruise ships. It’s not a pleasure voyage. This type of ship is designed to transport bulk cargo, not people. The only people who are allowed on board with all the vehicles are the vessel’s captain and crew. While you may want to travel with your car to ensure it stays safe, this is never a wise idea and it’s not permitted anyway, due to the danger involved. 



  • MYTH: You Can Treat Your Car Like a Suitcase


Packing is one of the worst parts of any move, we concur. And if you’re shipping your car, we know it seems logical to place as much of your stuff inside as you can. Many companies usually allow about 50-100 pounds of extra cargo within the car; however, there are strict international guidelines that state what you can and cannot put inside your car while in transit. The idea of placing personal items in your vehicle may seem tempting, but you have to first check those guidelines and restrictions before you start treating it like a suitcase. 


If items are indeed allowed, it’s wise to insure those items as well as your car.


It’s important to know all the facts before you place your car on a boat to meet you in your new home.


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