How do I Know my Car Shipping Quote is Accurate?

Accuracy is key when trying to determine how best to ship your car internationally. However, the quote you receive is only as accurate as the information you provide. Here at Ship Overseas, we offer a simple process to get a quote, but you do need to give us certain detailed information. We’re not being invasive: we just want to make sure we have all the right info to give you an informed, accurate, affordable quote.


In general, there are two ways to get a quote to ship a car overseas. First, if you prefer to speak to someone, you could call us at 858-547-0840. However, if you’re pressed for time and prefer to go through the process on your computer, simply click the red Get a Free Quote button on our home page. From there, it takes you just a few minutes to complete the process.


Check out these tips to make sure you receive the most accurate quote possible.


Make sure you…

Enter the Correct Information

It’s too easy to make a mistake and provide the wrong information. Even if it’s off by a year, such as with the year or model of your car, this can impact the shipping quote you receive. Be sure to go over all information before clicking send.

We will need the following information about your vehicle and locations:

  • Year
  • Make
  • Model
  • Pickup Location
  • Drop Off Location

NOTE: Even if you give us all the information we seek, we still can’t guarantee an exact final price until you actually book your shipment.

Ask Questions If You Have Them

Booking an overseas car shipment is a big deal. You don’t want to slip up or assume anything. That’s why, when you have some questions about the process and can’t find the information on our website, you should always call and speak to one of our representatives. Our skilled customer service reps will address any questions or concerns you may have. Maybe you live in a remote area or the car will be going to a remote area. This tends to raise the cost. Always ask before you book.

Go Through the Process Methodically

Take the time to answer each prompt accurately and succinctly. Here’s a look at the Ship Overseas quote process:


  • Click on the “Get a Free Quote” button
  • Select Shipment Type: auto, motorcycle, RV, boat, heavy machinery, container, trailer, other
  • Select Shipment Method: port to port or door to port
  • Specify make, model and year of the vehicle
  • Add any special requests or notes
  • Select the date the vehicle will be ready to ship on
  • Select what country you want to ship to
  • Select the port within that country you want to ship it to
  • Select what country you’re shipping from
  • Select the state and city you’re shipping from
  • Enter your contact information
  • Click “Request Quote”



Open Our Quote Email

So, what happens next? We will send you an email with an overview of your request as well as a price for the shipment. You can choose to accept it or not. To accept, click on the link that says “To place a Shipping Order, please Click Here.” Complete all requested information, then submit your order.


Alternatively, you can visit our web site directly, input your reference number and email address, and view the details of your order.


Once we receive that order, our staff members will take care of all necessary arrangements for the shipment of your vehicle. Once finalized, you will receive another email from us containing documents that confirm your order, as well instructions on what to do with your vehicle and shipping documents.


All quotes are valid for 30 days. You will have to go through the quote process over again if you wait longer than that to place an order.


For an accurate international car shipping quote, dial 888-805-4994 toll free or 858-547-0840 within the U.S., or click the red Get a Free Quote button on our home page.



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