The Challenges of Heavy Haul Transportation

Here at Ship Overseas, we offer Heavy Haul Ground Transportation. It poses a number of challenges, which is why it’s so important to partner with a provider that knows what they are doing in this area. Not only is it an intricate process, it requires both special equipment and permits.


On top of all that, safety is a very real issue. Ship Overseas is a leading provider of cost-efficient heavy haul logistics and transportation services for the construction, mining and agriculture equipment markets.

Whether your heavy haul requires rigging, you’re just looking for a relatively simple local move or you need a long haul, we can handle a variety of platforms. These include special projects, oversized and overweight, and super loads. Network optimization tools are crucial in this process, which can help identify your optimal routes and modes of transport. This not only ensures your cargo is moved safely, it ensures it gets to its destination quickly and effectively.

Heavy haul is generally classified as cargo that exceeds:

  • Width of 8.6 ft
    Height of 13.6 ft
    Length of 48-53 ft
    Gross weight of 80,000 lbs

Our Process

The heavy haul transportation process involves so much more than just transportation of your cargo. We have to:

  • Obtain the proper permits
  • Secure the permitted route
  • Remove all obstacles
  • Locate pilot cars or escort vehicles

Keep in mind, heavy haul freight requires the proper documentation and permits before travel. Permits are issued on a per-shipment basis, with some shipments requiring city, county or municipality-specific permits.


Also, any vehicle transporting oversized goods must be marked by signage or have specific travel accommodations, such as banners, safety flags, lights and pilot cars.


It’s crucial that you take every precaution possible before shipping to ensure your oversized equipment stays as safe as possible. You should:

  • Check if equipment is ship-worthy
  • Remove any batteries
  • Empty all fluids such as gas or water
  • Remove all loose pieces
  • Refer to your original owner’s manual and research packaging and moving requirements.
  • Tighten loose parts.
  • Know how much your item weighs as well as its measurements.
  • Clearly mark lifting points, lashing points, and centers of gravity

Transport Equipment Examples


We haul just about anything. Here are some examples of the transport equipment we haul:


  • Removable goose neck trailer (RGN)
  • Step deck trailer
  • Flatbed trailer
  • Double drop trailer
  • Extendable flatbed trailer
  • Straight frame


Oversized shipment and heavy equipment can certainly pose logistical challenges, which require special handling, optimized routing and additional permits. We are skilled at handling all these aspects, from start to finish.


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