How Easy is it to Ship a Car Overseas?

In short, very easy! You don’t even have to talk to another human being. With Ship Overseas, all bookings can be done online from start to finish. You’ll need a few things before you book, though, so get prepared beforehand.

Here’s an overview of the online process:

  • • Click on the “Get a Free Quote” button
    • Select Shipment Type: auto, motorcycle, RV, boat, heavy machinery, container, trailer, other
    • Select Shipment Method: port to port or door to port
    • Specify make, model and year of the vehicle
    • Add any special requests or notes
    • Select the date the vehicle will be ready to ship on
    • Select what country you want to ship to
    • Select the port within that country you want to ship it to
    • Select what country you’re shipping from
    • Select the state and city you’re shipping from
    • Enter your contact information
    • Click “Request Quote”

That’s it! Next, we will respond to you with a price and outline all your available options. If and when you accept our emailed quote, you’ll click on the link that says “To place a Shipping Order, please Click Here.” Click on the link and complete all requested information. Submit your order. Alternatively, you can visit our web site directly, input your reference number and email address, and gain access to your order.

Once we receive your order, we will handle all the necessary arrangements for the shipment of your vehicle. After the arrangements are finalized, you will get another email from us containing documents that confirm your order, along with instructions on what to do with your vehicle and shipping documents. All quotes are valid for 30 days.


What We Do

Here at Ship Overseas, we ship cars, RVs, boats, motorcycles, containers and heavy machinery to Africa, Europe Latin America and the Middle East. We have been in business for more than 34 years as a leading international car shipping company. With 390+ destination ports, 100,000 shipping customers and 200 cars shipped per month, you can rely on Ship Overseas for reputable services, competitive rates and attention to detail.

  • In general, we offer two types of shipping:
    • RoRo Shipping: These are vessels designed to ship wheeled cargo, particularly cars and motorcycles. The vehicles are driven on to and off of the ship via a ramp, hence the name Roll-on/Roll-off. You can choose RoRo ships for international car shipping to Europe, Africa, Latin America and the Middle East.
    • Container Shipping: This is when a vehicle or piece of machinery is shipped in a container. If you select an exclusive container, your vehicle doesn’t share a shipping container with any other vehicles. This is ideal for weather protection and safety of not only your car but your personal belongings within it as well.

Start your easy car shipping journey online now. Or, if you prefer to call us, dial 888-805-4994 toll free or 858-547-0840 within the U.S.

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