Happy Holidays from our Ship Overseas Inc. Team!

Happy Holidays from the team at Ship Overseas Inc. As we set sail into the upcoming new year, we wanted to take a moment to say thank you to all our 2018 clients who shipped their vehicles overseas. What will 2019 bring for you? Perhaps an amazing adventure, an overseas move, or the opportunity to import and export vehicles. Whatever overseas shipping experience that may be on your horizon we wanted to take a moment to share some important facts when shipping your vehicles overseas.


Important facts when shipping your vehicle overseas:


  • No car can leave the USA with a lien on it. What does this mean? Your vehicle must be paid in full.
  • The only people who can ship a car overseas and still carry a lien on that car are US Military and Government employees/contractors. For those people a letter of authorization from the lender will need to be issued to pass US Customs. Otherwise the car may be considered stolen.
  • A clear Title of Ownership with no Liens on the Title.
  • If you’ve bought a car new, then your name must be listed on the front of the Title as the registered owner.
  • If the vehicle has been sold, then both the Seller and Buyer must sign the back of the Title in the spaces as detailed on the back of the Title.
  • For safety reasons, when shipping a vehicle overseas you cannot have more than a ¼ tank of gas.


Traveling & Living Abroad:


Most countries will allow a traveler to temporarily import their vehicle overseas for a period of up to 6 months. After the 6 months is up, import duty will be charged. For many travelers going to Europe and taking their car, a deposit is paid up front. When the vehicle goes back to its destination country, that deposit is refunded. If a person has lived in USA for 1 or more years, most countries will allow that person to ship their vehicle to the USA duty free! The vehicle must be liens-free. Please check with your Customs Department first before shipping your vehicle overseas.


Once again, we would love to wish you and your families a very happy and healthy holiday season! Thank you for joining us while we share some important information regarding the process for overseas vehicle shipping. Shipoverseas.com is your 2019 resource for international vehicle shipping. We are equipped to ship cars to Europe, Africa, Latin America and The Middle East. With our 34 years of industry expertise you can trust that we deliver! Ready for an International car shipping quote, visit our website and let our team serve you https://www.shipoverseas.com/



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