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Importing a Used Car to Dubai? Make Sure it’s not Damaged!

If you are importing a used car to Dubai, you would be happy to know that the import requirements are not particularly stringent. You can import both new and used cars, in other words – you can import a used car regardless of its age.

However, as of May 1, 2017, the UAE bans the import of vehicles with a Salvaged Title. In essence, no vehicle that is deemed ‘’grossly damaged’’ can enter the UAE, that is – be imported to Dubai.

Let’s take a look at what it is to you as a car importer.

Overview of ESMA’s ban on damaged cars

In February 2017, the Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology (ESMA) announced that they would start to ban the import of ‘’used cars that are grossly damaged’’, starting May 1. The ban not only includes the import of damaged used cars but also the insurance and registration of these cars in Dubai and anywhere in the UAE.

What cars are considered ‘’grossly damaged’’?

The ban covers the following kinds of used vehicles:
– burned out
– water damaged
– rebuilt & non-repairable
– having major manufacturing defects.

The grace period for importers to adjust to the new regulation ended on April 30, and the regulation has since been in full effect, as had been originally planned.

According to ESMA officials, the new regulation aims to put an end to salvage-title cars import to UAE and, more importantly, to stop manufacturers rebuilding these cars and selling them to buyers who have no idea of the car’s actual condition.

Used car dealers have been ripping off unsuspecting buyers for decades, which has been recognized as a serious issue, especially knowing that UAE car dealers import around 300,000 cars every year, mostly from the USA, Germany and Japan. As a result, ESMA has taken the necessary measures to prevent salvage-title vehicles from entering the country.

Dubai insurance companies and traffic departments are actively involved in assisting ESMA and supporting the new regulation.

Other requirements for importing a used car to Dubai from the USA

Besides the ban on totaled or salvaged cars, Dubai has seen a more streamlined process of car import from the USA. To import your car to Dubai, you have to present your ID card, bill of sale, valid title and UAE residence visa. Visa exemptions apply to residents of AGCC countries.

The used car you wish to import to Dubai has to comply with UAE specifications, and is subjected to 4% duties on CIF value.

What if your car is not in driving condition?

As long as your car is repairable, has no major manufacturing defects and was not severely damaged by fire or water, you should be able to import it to Dubai. Sometimes, the main issue for many importers is not whether they can import the used car to Dubai if it’s not roadworthy but how to transport it from the USA.

In case of a non-roadworthy car, container shipping is typically the best means of transport from the USA to Dubai. Container shipping allows you the luxury of shipping your car separately from other vehicles. Also, if you are moving to Dubai, you can ship some of your personal belongings along with the car, sometimes even including the furniture.

However, exclusive container shipping (which we have just described) is the most expensive shipping method. If you are looking for a more affordable option, shared container shipping is what you need. It also allows for shipping personal items along with the vehicle. Besides, the cost of transport is divided between the car owners shipping their cars in the same container.

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