How Static/Break-bulk Quoting and Shipping Works

If you are shipping cargo that is not self propelled and cannot be towed we can ship it as a static or as break-bulk.

This method of shipping refers to items like CNC routers that cannot fit into a container, boilers, combine headers and even crawler tractor blades that were removed for transport.

Please note that all static or break bulk cargo are required to be crated or on skids and must have lashing points.

For example, let’s say a customer wants to ship a large John Deere combine with header and dual tires. The duals and header must be removed from the combine for transport and properly secured and placed on skids. The purpose of putting the cargo on skids is to make it easier for loading and unloading at the port.

This same procedure applies to crawler tractors whose blades were removed for transport. You may ship the main body as RoRo and the blade as static.

The cost of shipping static or break-bulk is based on the overall dimensions (Length x width x height) and weight of the cargo. Pricing for this category of cargo is based the cubic meter and weight, just like RoRo cargo.

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