Protect Your Cargo by Getting Marine Insurance.

Get Marine InsurnaceSo you have a shipment worth a lot of money and you can’t afford to lose it? Protect your investment. Sometimes accidents like this happen. Actually it happens more than we care to think about.

On occasion, ships do not make it to their destination port. No one likes to think about it but a ship can encounter any number of problems and, unfortunately, when a ship has a problem, it’s a BIG problem.

Protecting your cargo with inexpensive cargo insurance is very important. Most people don’t realize that the shipping company is liable for ONLY $500 for the total loss of your cargo.
Marine Insurance Protection

Protecting your investment provides peace of mind and full declared value compensation* (less $500 deductible, which is reimbursed buy the shipping line). You can learn more about marine insurance here.


Let’s use an example here. Suppose you have want to ship a container overseas. Everything is going well and your shipment is on it’s merry way to it’s destination. Then a fire in the engine room leads to the engine failing. The ship is heavy loaded and there are big waves in the ocean. The ship starts to lean too much to one side and then the disaster happens; containers full of product fall over knocking other containers over too.

marine-insurance-shinking-ship-3If you are shipping during hurricane season (June 1st – Nov 30th), purchasing marine insurance should be automatic. You can read more about hurricane season here.

Here is something we haven’t shared too much, but when Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast, many of our customers experienced total loss of the vehicles. We felt bad as many were only able to get $500 for their loss.

Don’t be cheap! Buy Marine Insurance!

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