Guest Blog Posts for Auto Industry Now Accepted

We are now accepting HIGHLY relevant guest blog posts on Ship Overseas

Acceptable industries: Auto Dealerships, Auto Magazines, Online Auto Sellers who are on eBay Motors, Auto Repair/Inspection, International Car Travel (like a road trip from USA to Europe).

Here are some requirements.

  1. Highly relevant to Ship Overseas’ audience. In a nutshell, we pickup cars anywhere in the US and bring them to the closet shipping docks. The car will get loaded onto a ship and go to the destination country. In other words, we export cars from USA.
  2. 450 words or more. The more words you have, the higher the chances of your guest blog post getting accepted.
  3. Your guest blog post must read well. 4o% of our audience is in another country so you cannot expect their English to be as good as a native English speaker.
  4. Two follow links will be honored. One can be keyword rich anchor text link, but the other one will need to be a non-keyword rich anchor text link.
  5. No linking to low quality websites.
  6. No linking to our competition.
  7. Must use good images like the post I wrote here (by the way, this link is non-keyword rich).
  8. You must have at least one good image in your post.
  9. You may create a signature at the end of your guest blog post to include your Faceboook Brand Page, Twitter, Google Plus, Linkedin, etc. (3 max)
  10. Obviously no SPAM.

For those who would like to become a regular guest blog post contributor, I can make you an author later on. I will personally read all blog posts before publishing them.

If you are in a related industry, let me know the subject of your post in the comments below OR ask me what I am looking for! Don’t just send me an attachment because I won’t know who it’s coming from and I won’t open it. Also, if you have a related business, let me know. My contact information is in my profile below.

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