Port Procedures – What to do when your car arrives at the port

Have you ever wondered, “What do I do once I arrive at the shipping docks with my car?” Each departure port differs. We do supply the instructions for delivery and make it simple to follow. In every case, with exception for USA government employees and military, original titles of ownership must be provided.

(LOOK INTO ORDERS. Jack email to customers)


Blount Island Terminal
Jacksonville, FL 32226

Hand to the Terminal the original Bill of Sale, Copy of Certificate of Documentation and 2 copies of the attached Dock Receipts(with ITN number on the Dock Receipt).

The Terminal will hand you back the Stamped Dock Receipt with a stamp on it as proof of delivery to the Terminal.

Due to current port regulations you will not be permitted into the terminal without an escort.Contact Kathy from Port storage at 904-757-5055 prior to delivery.

The vehicle must not have more than a 1/4 tank of gas.
No items are permitted inside the vehicle.

The confirmed agent will be included in a sailing update email that will be sent to you after the vessel has sailed.

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