Benefits of Overseas Multi-Car Shipping

If you’re a car dealership or private car owner who needs to transport multiple cars overseas, your best bet is to ship them via container. You have two choices when shipping cars to places: the RoRo (roll on, roll off) method or container shipping method. The RoRo method is most cost efficient for shipping one car at a time. With multiple vehicles, go with the container shipping method, which allows for the shipment of up to four vehicles within one container. There are more cargo ships available, with the ability to reach remote parts of the globe, which RoRo ships simply cannot do. It’s a safe way to ship your car to Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia or Latin America. It’s easy to ship a car to any continent of your choosing.

car-transport-tanker-day-300x199Because we’ve been in the business of exporting cars for 25 years, you can rest easy knowing we handle all details of the process. Your car is completely safe, loaded with a few other cars in one container. You save money because we group your car with other clients’ cars in many cases. Your vehicle is driven carefully into a container, then belted, strapped and locked in for the ride. We’ll always send you a reminder a couple of days before your car is to arrive at its destination. Our professionals handle different parts of the shipping process, from logistics to loading/unloading, each one boasting different expertise. Trust us as your export car provider, offering a streamlined process for getting your car where it needs to be.

Perhaps you’re wondering, “Can they handle my exotic car with care?” The answer is yes. We export all types of cars, from sedans and SUVs to jeeps and minivans. We even ship exotic cars, as well as vintage, muscle, classic and race cars. We know, it’s hard giving up control. But you can trust us to treat your “baby” like our own. Our technicians are highly skilled in expertly loading and unloading vehicles, as they do it day in and day out. They know just the right way to load cars to get the max cost efficiency and safety out of the situation. Your car arrives at its destination port unharmed and ready to be driven.

International Car Shipping Rates

Not only do we have the logistics of multi-car shipping down pat, we also have extensive knowledge of United States CBP (Customs and Border Protection) processes. In most cases, we can help your car easily pass customs at the destination port because we know many Customs Shipping Agents.  Leave it all up to us, whether you’re intending to ship to Africa or Oceania. Weighing the pros and cons of multi-car shipping vs. RoRo shipping isn’t always cut and dried. That’s where we can help. Full out our quote form and someone will get back to you quickly regarding your special needs. We can suggest the best way to ship your vehicle, and we always give you the lowest quote first.

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