Transporting Your Classic or Vintage Vehicle

You’ve spent a lot of money restoring your classic or vintage car but are moving clear across the country. Now you face a dilemma: sell your most prized possession and buy another once settled in your new destination, drive it yourself, or have it shipped professionally.  The first two options are certainly doable but think about the time, hassle and aggravation they present. Do you really want to go through the buying and selling process when you’re in the middle of a move, trying to juggle logistics of the movers and handling all the costs associate with packing up all your belongings? Heck no.
And unless your new home is in the next city or state, you’re not going to want to drive your vintage or classic car on the highways over a long distance, risking injury to your precious vehicle.


So, that leaves the only logical conclusion: transport your car through professionals who do this on a daily basis. Let them handle the details, from loading through transport to unloading. They will care for your vehicle just as you would, treating it like their own. Rest assured, our experienced transport truck drivers have worked with us for almost 30 years. Because they run the same own routes all over the United States on a regular basis, they know the ins and outs of the car shipping industry. Fully licensed and insured, our truckers will make sure your vehicle arrives safely at its destination, in the same condition as when you left it. The next step after choosing a reliable and reputable full-scale car shipping company is to understand your options. Check out our car shipping rates and see how we rise above the rest. You have a couple options when it comes to shipping your classic car, or any other car for that matter: open auto shipping or enclosed auto shipping. They basically are what they sound like.

International Car Shipping Rates

Open auto shipping, the least expensive option, is the most common in this country, as evidenced by the many car manufacturers seen on the highway. This safe and cost effective method involves placing several cars – up to 10 – on one transport truck. You share the cost of the trip with other customers, thus the low cost. But for your purposes, you’ll probably want to spend the extra few bucks and opt for the enclosed auto shipping option, ideal for those shipping luxury, exotic, specialty or vintage cars. Your risk factor is lower, because your car is carefully placed in an enclosed transport truck with only one or two other cars. Truckers use special ramps and lift gates to load your car onto the transporter. This option provides peace of mind for anyone entrusting their “baby” to us.

Our diligent truck drivers ensure that your vehicle is treated with care during the whole trip. Also, your car is not exposed to the elements like it would be in an open transport truck. So, don’t trust your restored vehicle to just anyone. Put your faith in the professionals. We should know: we’ve been doing this for nearly three decades. If you’re in the market to buy classic cars, there are many reputable dealers to choose from.

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